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Feeling blue

No not sad but glad. Not a colour I'm normally drawn to but I'm changing my mind. Think indigo and shibori, natural dyes and fabrics all with a crisp, fresh vibe. All that is fab about blue interpreted by Swedish stylist Eva Lindh.


Candy colour modern

It's a candy floss coloured carnival ride of an interior. Minimal in essence but packing a colour punch like a sugar hit. Restraint is hyped with pastels and texture. It's like a kid on red cordial. High high high. Who else but the Brazilian king of brevity with levity and sexiness with a purpose? Studio Guilherme Torres. See our previous posts here and here.

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Take me away Damian

I've dreamed with Damian, crushed on him and called for encores. Today I'm surrendering to Damian. You win. You have me. How can I resist your photos? You're like the Pied Piper of Hamelin (or should that be Rattenfänger von Hameln) and I'm following following. Can't help it. It's pure magic when you are this good with a camera. From the portfolio of photographer Damian Russell.

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Monday blues

It is the start of a new working week. Need some cheering up? Are you feeling blue? No really are you feeling these blues! What a wonderful way to blow away the cobwebs and get stuck into a week of interiors inspiration. Beautiful blues from the portfolio of photographer Julia Hoersch. Gorgeous work!




The colours, the light, the rug, the shot. Another stunning photo by Canadian snapper Virginia MacDonald.