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Beauty at the beach

ScavulloDesign created the interiors of this weekender just steps away from the water in Stinson beach, California. Large doors and windows bring the outside in while the sandy colour palette and blue accents of course give the coastal vibe but the interiors are in no way cliched. Casually elegant and family friendly, durable and darling from wicker to waterproof fabrics. Finally, accents throughout reflect the relaxed feel and include the family's collection of sea shells that they have found on the beach outside. What a lovely spot to get away to.

(Architect and owner Lewis W. Butler, of Butler Armsden Architects.)

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Singapore apartment

A tiny rundown 550 sqft shoebox flat in Singapore has undergone a remarkable transformation. The owner and her mother needed a stylish and modern home. It was time for a complete rejuvenation by Stanley Tham and Kusnin Tan from KNQ Associates. "While she is not exactly living alone, we wanted to create a chic and functional 'semi-bachelorette pad' which would reflect her personal style as much as possible. We wanted to transform the once ho-hum dwelling into a serene and cozy retreat that she could escape to at the end of a busy day. One which will also not be too feminine." The transformation from before to after is amazing. I particularly like the conversion of a utility room at the back of the kitchen into a private play-and-work room for the owner with built-in seating for lounging and watching TV as well as guest sleep overs. You can read more about the renovation on Home Rejuvenation.

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Feeling blue

No not sad but glad. Not a colour I'm normally drawn to but I'm changing my mind. Think indigo and shibori, natural dyes and fabrics all with a crisp, fresh vibe. All that is fab about blue interpreted by Swedish stylist Eva Lindh.


Candy colour modern

It's a candy floss coloured carnival ride of an interior. Minimal in essence but packing a colour punch like a sugar hit. Restraint is hyped with pastels and texture. It's like a kid on red cordial. High high high. Who else but the Brazilian king of brevity with levity and sexiness with a purpose? Studio Guilherme Torres. See our previous posts here and here.

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Take me away Damian

I've dreamed with Damian, crushed on him and called for encores. Today I'm surrendering to Damian. You win. You have me. How can I resist your photos? You're like the Pied Piper of Hamelin (or should that be Rattenfänger von Hameln) and I'm following following. Can't help it. It's pure magic when you are this good with a camera. From the portfolio of photographer Damian Russell.

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