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Textures and patterns

I adore this home. All that wood, the massive amount of art mostly leaning casually on the floor, the gorgeous kilim rugs and pillows, the burlap window does not get much cozier than this. By Commune.


One apartment three ways

One report, three interior stylists, one apartment, three ways. When Sweden's leading real estate brokerage firm Fastighetsbyrån wanted to know what effect styling a home for sale had on the price and how fast it sold they enlisted the aid of design psychologist Sally Augustin. Her report shows that home styling works if done correctly. The buyer must connect consciously and unconsciously with the home. They need to imagine themselves living there, moving right in, daydreaming and scheming how to get it. OK we all say. Fair enough. Nothing new there. That could have been the end of Fastighetsbyrån's research but ... they decided to take it one step further. They took one apartment and let three stylists, Mikael Beckman, Hans Blomquist and Tina Hellberg, mess with our minds and our hearts and make it into their version of our dream home. They put the research in practice. So now there is one apartment three ways and I have one big problem. I can't make up my mind which one I am moving into. They are all tugging at my heart strings.

First is classic modern by Mikael Beckman.

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Love in the East Village

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the boho meets faded vintage, meets real life in the city vibe of this East Village, NY apartment by FIG Interior Design. I love how the living area transitions to dining and kitchen. I love a stylish open plan. I love the layers of detail, the textures, the little things, the cherished things, the clutter of things. I love that you can see lamp cords and that the sheets aren't steamed wrinkle free for the shoot. I love seeing rooms by day and as the light fades. I love the personality and the panache. I love the drama of dark walls and the play of flames in the fireplace.When I daydream of living in New York this will be the place I do it in.

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A Glebe home tour - part 2

I have TONS of photos left to share of Kathrin and her family's home in the Glebe. This time it's the dining room, kitchen and backyard. (The tour is the afternoon of September 15th and if you're in the Ottawa area you've got to check it out! Details are here, and you'll get a chance to tour this home for yourself, and several others! Oh - and Kathrin's carpenter is Phil Robilliard in case anyone wants to use him to build all sorts of goodies like Kathrin has).

{ that's Sasha trying to hide from my wide angle lens :-) }

{ this desk was a trash find }

{ the kitchen was very dark and narrow so the wall was opened up to make it more open and bright - SUCCESS!!! }

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A Glebe home tour - part 1

As I mentioned on Friday, it's almost time for the Glebe House Tour (for those of you living in or near Ottawa). I was asked again this year to embark on some personal tours of the homes...but this time I only managed to score one due to homeowner's hectic schedules. I have to say that am I ever glad this house was the one! It is the eclectic, bohemian chic home of Kathrin, her husband Sebastian, daughter Bella (6),  son Sasha (13), daughter Sophie (now living in Vancouver), their son Nicky who passed away in 2009 (he would be 17) and totally adorable dogs Mishka and Ziggy. The 3-story home of this family is a dream, located in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Ottawa with tons of space and a beautiful property. What makes this home so incredible is that it's filled with thrift finds, pieces destined for the dump, and lots of handmade bits and bobs. It's all done on a budget, and the creativity and warmth that exude from this home is really beyond words. I did not want to leave. (And when I did leave I made my husband suffer through all the photos with me - LOL). I took a ton of photos and had a hard time deleting any of them because there was so much to photograph, so this post will be a LONG one, and there will be a part 2. Here I'll focus on the front of the home, the entryway, lounge/living room, the basement turned craft area and a couple corners of the upstairs (might not be part of the tour). 

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