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A small bohemian apartment in Spain

Happy Friday! I leave you with another project in Saint Catalina by Bconnected. This super cute 60m2 penthouse apartment has a feminine, bohemian touch. As much as I love the simplicity and style of the interior, I would be spending every minute in that fantastic outdoor space.  


The elephant in the room

Or should that be the skeleton on the ceiling? It may be the deal breaker if you want to come on my virtual getaway to this loft style apartment in Tribeca, New York which ticks all the boxes. Exposed brick walls, light streaming in the the tall windows, a mini jungle, curios on industrial style shelves, great kitchen ... and the skeleton above the dining table. I've been staring at it for ages trying to work out what the model is actually of. Ichthyosaur? Prehistoric razor toothed dolphin? A cousin of the Loch Ness Monster? It would certainly make for an interesting dinner party conversation. Franklin Place is available through onefinestay

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Boho, rock chick, Scandi granny

It's a bit like Cochella meets William Morris or Swedish exposed brick meets Bob Dylan. I'm going to call it boho, rock chick, Scandi granny. Think David Hamilton photographs come to life with an iPhone and a flat screen TV. A warmer and, may I say, more welcoming progression from the washed out, monochrome, Scandi had a holiday in Bali look we've been seeing for a couple of years now. Hats off to the home owner and the stylist  of this real estate listing. Yes I have a new Swedish estate agent crush ... Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri. Unfortunately this townhouse has sold but there are plenty more lovelies on the website.

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Family warehouse

A rented warehouse apartment with no furniture. A dad and his young kids looking for a family space. A home where said dad could entertain as well. Solution by London-based RFR Property . Love the relaxed, boho, vibe.

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Stalking a boho terrace in Bondi

I haven't had much luck stalking real estate lately but today I have found a lovely family home in Bondi, Sydney. Light wells and changes of levels, interesting use of materials and a fab, relaxed boho feel. Not that most Australians will be able to afford this home. The medium price of Sydney houses reached $1 million this week. Apparently now more expensive than London. And this house will go for a lot more than that at auction. Ouch! Will the bubble burst soon? The architect is Dennis Rabinowitz of JPRA Architects and the link is here while it lasts.

P.S. Watch the video. It gives a much better idea of the flow of the house. Just excuse the very Australian accent.

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