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Family warehouse

A rented warehouse apartment with no furniture. A dad and his young kids looking for a family space. A home where said dad could entertain as well. Solution by London-based RFR Property . Love the relaxed, boho, vibe.

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Stalking a boho terrace in Bondi

I haven't had much luck stalking real estate lately but today I have found a lovely family home in Bondi, Sydney. Light wells and changes of levels, interesting use of materials and a fab, relaxed boho feel. Not that most Australians will be able to afford this home. The medium price of Sydney houses reached $1 million this week. Apparently now more expensive than London. And this house will go for a lot more than that at auction. Ouch! Will the bubble burst soon? The architect is Dennis Rabinowitz of JPRA Architects and the link is here while it lasts.

P.S. Watch the video. It gives a much better idea of the flow of the house. Just excuse the very Australian accent.

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Bohemian rhapsody

A boho beauty. That's how I'd describe this TriBeCa, New York loft by Deborah French Designs. A celebration of colour and pattern, layered with texture, patina and lovingly collected curios. Life was meant to be lived to the full and how could you not in such a wonderfully exuberant home.

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Textures and patterns

I adore this home. All that wood, the massive amount of art mostly leaning casually on the floor, the gorgeous kilim rugs and pillows, the burlap window does not get much cozier than this. By Commune.


One apartment three ways

One report, three interior stylists, one apartment, three ways. When Sweden's leading real estate brokerage firm Fastighetsbyrån wanted to know what effect styling a home for sale had on the price and how fast it sold they enlisted the aid of design psychologist Sally Augustin. Her report shows that home styling works if done correctly. The buyer must connect consciously and unconsciously with the home. They need to imagine themselves living there, moving right in, daydreaming and scheming how to get it. OK we all say. Fair enough. Nothing new there. That could have been the end of Fastighetsbyrån's research but ... they decided to take it one step further. They took one apartment and let three stylists, Mikael Beckman, Hans Blomquist and Tina Hellberg, mess with our minds and our hearts and make it into their version of our dream home. They put the research in practice. So now there is one apartment three ways and I have one big problem. I can't make up my mind which one I am moving into. They are all tugging at my heart strings.

First is classic modern by Mikael Beckman.

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