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A loft in a former marmalade factory

I have become a huge fan of Polish/German interior and furniture design studio Loft Szczecin and wanted to share one of their latest projects. Designer Ewa Adamiak kindly sent over some info. Our project was done in a former warehouse of a marmalade factory, which operated before World War II in Szczecin (Poland). The project involved reconstruction of one of the open spaces for an apartment divided into 4 rooms (living room with a kitchenette, bedroom, office, bathroom). In the most part of the loft we preserved historic, wooden floors that have been restored. All the kitchen furniture were designed and built by Loft Szczecin. Countertops were made of white marble and kitchen furniture of plywood. The rest of the furnishing is vintage furniture and lamps from the 50s and 60s from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands. The furniture have been renovated by Loft Szczecin. For decoration we used a poilsh rug from the 30s. All of that exposed brick is absolutely incredible. And those floors! And that sofa! (Check out previous features here, here and here)

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A loft in a 19th century converted warehouse

I know I have often said "this is my dream loft!" but in all seriousness, THIS IS MY DREAM LOFT! The exposed brick and beams, and HOLY SMOKES WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT MEZZANINE! With direct access to the roof-top terrace and features an interior courtyard with a retractable glass roof. I die. By Andrew Franz Architect.

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More Brazilian cool

More Brazilian style from Studio RO+CA. This time with modern, clean lines. RF House is one cool, contemporary casa.

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A century old loft in Barcelona

Before I head off to a full day helping my dear husband with his Daff Design booth at the Idle Hands Art, Craft and Vintage Sale where I plan to get all of my Christmas shopping done, I thought I would share this glorious century old loft in Barcelona. Once belonging to the current owners' grandparents, the space was renovated and as much of the original detail restored while modernizing where possible. The kitchen is a fantastic, and the vaulted brick ceiling is such a beautiful reminder of the structure's history. Eclectic furnishings (including a worn leather chesterfield *GASP*) and black elements elevate the coolness factor. Via Nuevo Estilo. Decor: Luzio. Photos: Montse Garriga.

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pushmi-pullyu house

The "PUSHmi-PULLyu" house is a renovation of a worker's house in Greenpoint for a creative couple and their growing family. The project was coined "PUSHmi-PULLyu" as a result of the forces at play in the work, drawing circulation, light and exterior materials into the house through its openings. The vision for the project was to marry the client's two passions: modern simplicity + an unerring appreciation for the rustic qualities of the original house. This led to the invention of the term "m-ustic", which became a new architectural language for the project. Modern elements were treated as black, abstract insertions while the rustic qualities inherent in the house were restored and enhanced. This home really speaks to me. It represents everything I always hoped my last house could have been...but wasn't. This is taking something old and restoring the wonderful while replacing the horrible. By Brooklyn architecture firm noroof. (Photos: Chuck Close, Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott)

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