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Hello yellow

Love the tasty squeeze of yellow in this UK kitchen from jj Locations. Love the industrial elements, the zinc, the floors.


Tower of books

A house of bricks. Bricks laid in the patterns of kilims and rugs. Texture upon texture, rough against smooth. A modern interpretation of warehouse living, a striking contemporary home. A considered sense of place. Then at its core, rising like a tabernacle, an altar to the written word, the avid reader's fantasy, the tower of books. Reaching through to the second floor it is accessible by ladder or from a second floor walk way. Book storage brilliance from Melbourne based architects Jolson.

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Twin Peaks House

This addition to a Edwardian house in a suburb of Melbourne with a heritage restrictions saw architects Jackson Clements Burrows choose a common building material, brick, but contrast old red with new black.The twin peaked roof follows the double valley hip roof line of the original building but interprets it in a modern way. Once inside the contemporary lines of the new spaces bring this family home into the new century.

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The Cubo House, additions to a heritage listed double storey building by Melbourne architecture firm Phooey. Why Cubo? "The project applies the surrealist technique of “Cubomania” to catalogue, re-use & re-invent the demolished building materials." The stand out feature of the new space? The staircase which spirals up and down through three levels topped by a creative re-use chandelier.

Photography by Peter Bennetts.

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The barns

Over the years a jumble of 19th century barns were moved and remodeled, added to and almost disappeared beneath new work. Owners came and went until the current occupants engaged architectural firm Christoff : Finio to add their layer to the buildings. That's what so many old buildings are ... layers. Layers of new work and old, layers of materials, layers of lives and layers of meanings. Creating a new home from this jumble of layers doesn't always mean stripping back to basics. Sometimes it just means rationalising, reworking, rearranging and revealing to reveal the beauty.

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