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You had me at hello

You are definitely no wallflower. You are just a bit loud and proud. Always a happy face on display it's what's hidden within that has me wondering. What are you hiding? I bet you're warm and embracing, modern but old fashioned in your hospitality. I know you used to be a shop house but you've had a bit of work done recently. Please let me in. I need to get to know you more. Hello House by Melbourne based OOF! Architecture.

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From my window

Everyday I see this house. No that's a lie. Everyday I see the roof of this house from my window at work. Everyday finds me wondering what it looks like and who designed it. Now I know. Switch by Aardvarc.


Stalking an Australian icon

You may be impressed by the contemporary extension and renovation of this 1908 brick house by SJB. I'm impressed by the renovation of that great Australian icon, the outdoor toilet, the relic of a time before sewerage, the dunny. So many have been demolished or left to decay as inadequate and forgotten "tool sheds". I think this one is the first 5 star dunny I have seen. I'm stalking Aussie icons in Balmain, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.

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Hello yellow

Love the tasty squeeze of yellow in this UK kitchen from jj Locations. Love the industrial elements, the zinc, the floors.


Tower of books

A house of bricks. Bricks laid in the patterns of kilims and rugs. Texture upon texture, rough against smooth. A modern interpretation of warehouse living, a striking contemporary home. A considered sense of place. Then at its core, rising like a tabernacle, an altar to the written word, the avid reader's fantasy, the tower of books. Reaching through to the second floor it is accessible by ladder or from a second floor walk way. Book storage brilliance from Melbourne based architects Jolson.

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