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Taking a dip

When I need inspiration all I need to do is dive into Jonathan Tuckey Design. It's such a refreshing dip. Today I have a hankering for a seaside getaway. Beach House in Cap Ferret.

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Nathalie Priem

Thank you Nathalie Priem for letting me feature your wonderful interior photography with our readers (including that beautiful pets on furniture entry). Nathalie has done alot of work for British real estate firm Domus Nova that Jo and I are huge fans of, and it turns out she has photographed the best properties they have had on their roster. These are some of my favourites of her work. 

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Quirky in London

Dare to go bold. This three story Victorian home in London is about as quirky and eclectic as they come. A very random assortment of furnishings and artwork, some creative uses for wallpaper, some really beautiful lighting and an Ikea kitchen within a structure filled with original detail makes me love this. I could spend an weekend here rearranging and dreaming.... Location home available via Shoot Factory

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I stumbled upon the website of London-based architecture firm Granit Chartered Architects and several of their projects wowed me. They are clearly experts in the art of transforming traditional British homes into bigger, better and more modern structures that keep original details intact where possible. Here are a random assortment of photos from a few of their projects that captured my attention.

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Dalston House

This is my kind of house - modern mixed with traditional architecture. It is the best of both worlds. By HÛT ArchitectureThe brief was to create a family house that was minimal but not minimalist, with sleek spaces that still had personality. HÛT addressed the brief by creating a home that preserved the character of the existing building and merged this with exciting modern design. The major architectural addition came in the form of two slick black boxes to the rear of the property. These structures enclose a new staircase that leads down to large open-plan basement level, an area that forms the social heart of the property. (Photos: Matt Chisnall)

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