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An English kitchen

Oh I do love an English kitchen. The wooden cabinets, in this case with a bold navy finish, the pantry cupboard, a big stove with a mantle. I love the amazing light flooding through the windows in this particular example and we don't need to mention the floors. It's not the first time I've had my head turned by Blakes London (you can see more posts here) and I'm sure it won't be the last.

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Earthy greens and yellows

I have never wanted to experiment with earthy, chalky colours like olives and mustards....until now. Lawd half mursey this home is absolutely stunning! The combination of these shades on the walls, and an eclectic mix of bold graphic art, rustic wood furnishings and modern lighting has me falling completely in love with this British location home via jj Locations

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A barn conversion in Berkshire

The conversion of a rundown barn in Berkshire saw London-based Indigo Design Associates create a beautiful contemporary home within the old stone walls. A soft colour palette of greys and whites is enhanced by injections of blue while natural fabrics and old timbers add warmth to the minimalist shell. Simple clean modern lines celebrate the vast barn space while private spaces are more intimate.

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Studio Maclean

We've long been obsessed by Jason Maclean's work (here) but I must say that I'm elevating my obsession to superfan status after seeing this minimalist kitchen in his West London renovation. Yes the rest of the house is starkly chic but this kitchen is a standout. Form follows function with a simplicity that is strikingly beautiful. By Studio Maclean.

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Living large and vertically in London

My love for British architecture and grandeur is still going strong, so I had to share this new property on the Shoot Factory location home roster. Almost 9,000 sq ft with 6 bedrooms over 6 floors, the architecture inside and out just blows my mind. The decor is a random mix of awesome and questionable pieces but dear lawd, THERE IS SO MUCH SPACE TO WORK WITH! It's so crazy that every stair landing has enough space that they are like separate little rooms. OMG!! 

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