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A house in the hills

A rustic cabin (not really, how about cabin-like) in the hills of Ojai, California that is an absolute dream inside and out. That living room below is just about the most perfect relaxing hangout space (let's assume the rug is faux). Commune did a fantastic job on the decor - not too rustic with modern touches and their signature use of patterns/textures in pillows and blankets. My ideal home - and that pool is just a really sweet bonus. :) 

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Leather, wood and stone

I fell in love/hate with this cottage/home in Spain featured in a recent issue of Nuevo Estilo. It's huge open layout is perfect for cottage life and would be a fantastic gathering space of lots of friends and family. The combination of rustic (reclaimed wood, stone) mixed with a leather chesterfield and plaid chair also joined with some mid-century chairs and tables - bringing such disparate pieces together really works here. However, I am baffled by all of the window treatments - massively long purple curtains (why purple? WHY??) and blinds hung way too high. AGH!! The one red, one silver light fixtures in the bathroom...bad idea. (I won't even discuss the bedding). And it is disappointing to see such a lazy approach to the ceiling and beams. Spraying it ALL white instead of leaving some of the raw wood showing, or at least the steal pieces. (Designed by Kotablue and Mercedes de las Heras)

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A Maryland shore cottage

We received the following email from a reader named Lloyd recently: I would like to share some photos of my dear friend's cottage on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Charlotte Riggs is an artist, teacher and head of middle school in Northern Virginia, where she resides most of the year. She has lovingly decorated her St Michaels shore house with her own art, repurposed furniture and treasures that are meaningful to her.

This cottage is AWESOME! It is quirky and eclectic - filled with style and looks so inviting. I would happily spend a summer long weekend here. Or the whole summer in fact. Charlotte, you rock! And thank you for the great photos Lloyd!
Welcome to Charlotte's funky getaway. :-) (Photos by blonde photo)


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Hudson Woods

Mike Kolodesh of Lang Architecture wrote to us about a project of theirs located in Upstate New York called Hudson Woods. It is a series of really beautiful architect built eco-homes tucked away into the Catskill mountains. The perfect getaway in style! They just finished up the model home and sent us some photos to share. It has totally changed my view of 'rustic' cabin living. ;) And they have styled the home so beautifully too. Living in a home like this could very well make me more tolerant of winter (I cannot believe I just typed that).

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Rustic alpine ranchiness

Cottage season is upon us Canadians, and LAWD DO WE LOVE A GOOD COTTAGE PARTY!  My sister and BIL were up at their Québec cottage over the weekend getting it all set up for the summer and I am beyond stoked to enjoy it and some good weather (and come up with some wicked drink concoctions). Needless to say I have rustic, waterfront dwellings on the brain so I thought I would pick some of my favourite spaces from the gods of rustic dwellings, Pearson Design Group (featured over the winter here and here).

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