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Elizabeth Metcalfe 

Sophisticated, polished, and carefully curated. Classic + modern designs in soothing neutrals with touches of glam. Such lovely spaces created by Toronto-based Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design.

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A home in the Laurentians by APPAREIL architecture

What a dreamy, modern cottage-type home that was recently transformed by Montreal firm APPAREIL architecture. Built in 1922 and located in the Laurentian Mountains of southern Québec, this firm was challenged to create harmony between the exterior and interior, all with timeless and Nordic aesthetics.

The new façade is now punctuated with large windows, especially towards the rear of the house, opening it up to the surrounding forest. White was used throughout the house to give a bright and sleek look. Elements such as the kitchen ceiling and the thickness of some walls were preserved, as a nod to the past of the house and its many transformations.

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Accents in pink (again) by Peter Wilds

Earlier this week I featured an apartment by Peter Wilds that had a gorgeous pink accent wall and had a decidedly feminine flair to it. This apartment speaks to the same feminine vibe with ethnic and modern furniture mixed together, some glam bits and of course, accents in pink. It's gorgeous, bright and inviting. Even if you are not a chick. :) (Photos: Janis Nicolay)


Outdoor spaces by Moneca Kaiser

The property my home sits on has had essentially no landscaping done in the 80 years it has existed. A couple of weeks ago we had our hydro meter replaced so now we have a pile of dirt and rocks in our front yard so it is worse than ever. As much as I would like to design my own landscaping, I really have no clue in that area. I am hopeful that when the time comes to get this work done I will be able to bring in someone to help. And I would love for that someone to be Ottawa-based Moneca Kaiser. Specializing in both interior and exterior renovations, Moneca's attention to detail and her vision and ethics always WOW me. For example, this home I featured several years ago. So I thought I would share a few of her oudoor projects that are really special. This first one, A Tea House, is my favourite.

"We don't usually have a dreamy place, a place for reflection. Rooms always have a purpose: the kitchen is for preparing food, the bedroom is to sleep in. But a backyard pagoda or tea house, now there's a room where you leave time and purpose at the entrance and let daydreams and reflection take hold." "… and that nourishes the soul as much as the kitchen feeds the body."

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Colours of India 

I think it is really important to have your home reflect your personality and interests. The homeowner of this apartment is a world traveller and it is so meaningful and beautiful that her interior designer Peter Wilds incorporated her treasures brought back from travels in her space. Mixed in with a bit of mid-century modern and time-worn vintage pieces, it speaks volumes of the homeowner's love of colour (that pink wall is amazing!) and travel, particularly to India. (Photos: Janis Nicolay)

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