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Reader's home - Ottawa digs

I received an email the other day from fellow Ottawa resident Sacha that I was pretty excited about - another Ottawa reader's home tour! Sacha and his wife Melissa are a young newlywed couple who, thanks to cash gifts from their wedding, were able to work some magic on their new home (which they received the keys for the day after their wedding - talk about too much excitement in 2 days!). Having lived in a 1 bedroom apartment beforehand, this must have been a bit of a daunting task on a bit of a tight budget, however, Sacha and Melissa did such an awesome job! I love the neutral colour scheme, the funky wallpapers, the modern furnishings and the wall colours (they painted every wall! and grey is my fav!). I am shocked they did not follow a common Ottawa trend of zipping out to Ikea or Leons and buying every single piece of furniture in one trip (UGH). They have launched a new blog and interior decorating business and I foresee much success for this talented couple.


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Lake house

The latest issue of Pure Green Magazine, is now available online (and FYI, it's launching in print in November!!) and the folks at the mag kindly sent over a whole bunch of photos of the gorgeous Muskoka lake house that is featured this month. It's the former summer home and now permanent residence of retired couple Donna and John Taylor that was built in the 1900's. Filled with finds from antique markets, it's got a wonderful casual and nautical vibe that is perfect for the surroundings. {All images copyright Pure Green Magazine; photography: Ever Images Photography}


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Kelly Deck 

It's been ages since Jo blogged about Vancouver interior designer Kelly Deck. I stumbled across some of her work recently in a magazine and was pleased to find many fabulous spaces on her website crying out for an updated post. I always thought of her as the queen of exteriors but it appears she certainly knows what she's doing on the inside as well. Her kitchens and bathrooms are what dreams are modern and totally dreamy.

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Some goodies and local news

This is the last day of a 4 day weekend for me - essentially the only span of time off from my day job I am taking this summer. (I thought I should save my vacation days for the house renos which gawd knows when or if they will start anytime soon). Friday my husband Jeff and I stopped off at a couple of my favourite local home furnishing shops to get an idea of what we might want to purchase when the house is complete. One of those shops was Green Light District Design, which I have blogged about here and here. Jeff and I had dinner with the owners, Deborah and David, a couple of weeks ago and found out some very sad news. They are packing up the shop and moving it to Toronto. I am happy that Deborah and David are taking their shop to greener pastures but I am really disappointed that the shop didn't work here in Ottawa. So before they left Jeff and I decided to pick out some things that we've had our eyes on for ages, and we are planning to pick them up in Toronto and check out the new shop when the order comes in. In the meantime I picked up some more of the gorgeous dishes (handmade in South Africa) that I have been slowly acquiring since my first visit to GLDD, and of course took some photos. But before I share those, here are some details of the new shop: The name will now be 'Green Light District'....The new address is 365 Roncesvalles Ave in a totally renovated shop in Toronto's west end, near High Park....The website address remains the same....The neighbourhood of Roncy has had a complete street renewal over past 2 years which is now complete....We are keeping most of our current suppliers, but adding exciting new pieces....The last day in Ottawa will be Sept 11; opening in TO late September.

Here are the dishes Icould not pass up purchasing before the store closes. I snagged a couple more soup bowls, side plates, pasta bowls, finally some dinner plates (love the unfinished edge!), and a really pretty accent bowl. I adore how they are SO handmade that each piece is really a different shape, and when stacked they sit unevenly. PRETTY!!!

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Swanwick Ranch

Swanwick Ranch is considered one of the finest luxury oceanfront estates in Canada; a residence that has been featured in professional architectural and design publications around the globe. It is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture that has received national architecture acclaim for design. Custom designed for it’s current owners, the residence is a perfect retreat for families seeking a refuge from the pulse of modern life. It is situated on a majestic 68-acre gently sloping oceanfront property in the rural community of Metchosin, British Columbia with over 1,400 feet of low-bank oceanfront.

One of the social aspects of the design of the home is the ability to interact between spaces quite readily, such that even though the home is very large there are opportunities via balconies and bridges and interconnected spaces to have moments of conversation or eye contact across very large distances, which bring occupants the feeling of being close together even though each may be in their own retreat space.



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