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Brandon Barré

What a pleasure it was to receive an email from Brandon Barré, a photographer from Toronto, who thought we might want to share his photography with our readers. Since his work is the SHIZNIT, I was stoked to devour his newly updated web portfolio and scoop up my favourites. Some of the spaces may be familar to those who watch a design TV show or two. Candice Olson and Colin and Justin are among his clients! (And stay tuned Monday for his entries to the Pets on Furniture post!)



More from McGill Design Group

About a year ago I blogged about Toronto-based architecture and interior design firm McGill Design Group. Their work is stunningly beautiful, and encompasses their signature style of "modern simplicity firmly grounded in the classics". I got word that they have a new Facebook page with plenty of photos of past works and works in progress. I picked out some of my favourites. The first several are some before and afters of the incredible transformation of a Victorian.

If that wasn't enough eye-candy, here are more photos from random works.


Donna Griffith

Thank God it's Friday! And that we have lots of lovely images from Canadian photographer Donna Griffith! So talented and so inspiring (and funny ... read the info section). Great use of light and clever composition but what I love most is the sense of whimsy in her work. Enjoy!


Mark Olson

Mark Olson's photography will be familiar to avid long-time readers of Canadian House & Home. Several photos below are from some of my favourite spreads in the magazine. Stunning!



I finally got a chance to flip through the latest issue of Canadian House & Home that's been sitting on my kitchen counter tempting me most of the week, and I was excited to find a Canadian architectural firm in the magazine whose work is mesmerizing. Based in Toronto, superkül is the award-winning firm of Meg Graham and Andre D'Elia. A modern cottage retreat that they designed is featured in the magazine, which some photos can be found below, but first I wanted to feature a completed renovated home I found on their website.

Formerly a blacksmith's shop, then a horse shed and then an artist's apartment and studio, they did amazing things to turn this into a single family home, despite regulations that no additional openings in the walls were allowed for more light. In this case they had to get it from above. I am completely in awe of this transformation.

Here is the cottage I mentionned, a 2000 sq.ft. modern stunner on the Georgian Bay. (Photos by Tom Arban, superkül and Lorne Bridgman)