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My dream home

Over the weekend my husband was researching Ottawa architects online, and came across one of our favourites, John Donkin (I featured him last year). He found a recently completed home in his portfolio that is EXACTLY what we've been dreaming about. We drove by it on Saturday and after picking our jaws up off the ground we managed to snap some photos of it with a cell phone like a couple of stalkers. The exterior is perfect for us - tall and narrow-ish with a huge garage (it is really deep and wide once you drive in) where my husband can hang out and do guy stuff. These folks have a fairly wide lot so they were able to plan for alot of windows on the more private side of the house, which we may not be able to get away with given our narrow lot.

I love that the facade is not made up of 8 different materials in 8 different colours like all the other modern homes going up around Ottawa. (BLEH). The simplicity of it is perfection, and draws your attention to the wonderful details like ALL THE WINDOWS.
Now, I have not really taken a good look at the interior as I am up to my eyeballs in French studies so this post is more about the shape and the exterior but I thought I'd show you the photos from John's website of both so you can see what this fabulous home is all about (after the jump).

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LineBox Studio

I am frankly really embarrassed to have not blogged about architectural firm LineBox Studio before, as they are based in Toronto and my lovely city of Ottawa. And now that it sounds like my husband and I have to start our house plans from scratch (maybe wrecking the existing house and starting new) with a new architect (who knows something about Ottawa building codes), I might hit these guys up for some much needed assistance. I found several funky projects on their website, renovations and infills included, and the following home here in Ottawa (really?!?!) was initially a 19th century butcher shop with heritage designation. I freaking love it...ESPECIALLY the sunken fireplace seating pit!!!!


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I'm not sure how photographer Rob Fiocca does it, but this man can shoot anything and the results are HOT. Here are a few I love (and see more in a previous post here).



Work? Really? In a fab office space like this? With a candy bar and table tennis, moss gardens and concrete gold fish bowls? Really? Work? I'm in the wrong job. How cool is this office space designed by artist and interior designer Teresa Leung created for Toronto based IT start up company Archon Systems? Now if I knew anything about IT I'd be polishing up my résumé looking for a job.

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Reader's home - Ottawa digs

I received an email the other day from fellow Ottawa resident Sacha that I was pretty excited about - another Ottawa reader's home tour! Sacha and his wife Melissa are a young newlywed couple who, thanks to cash gifts from their wedding, were able to work some magic on their new home (which they received the keys for the day after their wedding - talk about too much excitement in 2 days!). Having lived in a 1 bedroom apartment beforehand, this must have been a bit of a daunting task on a bit of a tight budget, however, Sacha and Melissa did such an awesome job! I love the neutral colour scheme, the funky wallpapers, the modern furnishings and the wall colours (they painted every wall! and grey is my fav!). I am shocked they did not follow a common Ottawa trend of zipping out to Ikea or Leons and buying every single piece of furniture in one trip (UGH). They have launched a new blog and interior decorating business and I foresee much success for this talented couple.


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