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Ginger 62

I had to feature a commercial project designed by Beyond Beige that I found on their website - a Vancouver nightclub called Ginger 62. This place is HOT!! (Decorating a dressing room with a vibe similar to this would be fabulous!)


Beyond Beige

Beyond Beige is an award-winning interior design firm located in North Vancouver, BC that was founded by Reisa Pollard in 2003. Rocking contemporary designs that are warm, bright and comfortable yet classy resulting in spaces that are timeless. And I must commend them on the use of a fantastic photographer to shoot their projects (it's shocking how many don't).

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From IDS Toronto

I unfortunately missed out on IDS 12 in Toronto this year (and frankly, every year) but was excited when we were sent these photos. Here's a bit of info: We wanted to share these never-before-seen images of the BY Lissoni lounge space designed by Piero Lissoni, featured in this year's Interior Design Show in Toronto. While the year's unofficial theme may have been bright color, Lissoni's lounge made a bold statement with a muted palette.  Defying its usual connotations of cold austerity,  Lissoni used shades of white to create a comfortable, inviting space.  Light streaming in from skylights warmly illuminated white walls and pale oak floors.  Lining the walls were bookshelves playfully filled with book spines turned outward, evoking a wood-like feel, while plum, plush seating beckoned visitors to stay awhile. Love the mostly muted colours, the sofa in the last photo, and interesting take on book placement (cool looking but useless in reality if you want to actually read something in particular).


Gauvreau Design

I stumbled upon Montreal-based firm Gauvreau Design recently while doing some googling. They seem to specialize more in commercial projects than residential but I had to share, particularly the kitchen in the first few photos. I think it's brilliant how the stove and fridge are housed in their own built-in sections, and the lighting strip that runs into the hood fan. 



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My new chair

At the end of the summer I blogged about the sad news that one of my favourite Ottawa shops, Green Light District, was packing up and moving to Toronto. On our last trip to the shop before the move, I decided to make a rather significant purchase and ordered one of their lounge chairs. When these chairs first arrived at the shop, owners Deborah and David insisted on taking the chair out of the window so I could try it out. OMG it was like sitting on a cloud! Amazingly soft leather that you sink into. I dreamt about that chair for weeks afterwards and knew it would be a perfect addition to the living room in my new house (which btw has yet to get past the planning stage). I was able to choose the colour of leather (I went with black) and cord colour (black again). I waited several months for the chair to be made in South Africa and get sent here with some other pieces Deborah and David had ordered. A couple of weeks ago on a quick trip to Ottawa, they delivered my chair. It is now my favourite piece of furniture. I cannot wait to get my new house finally built to show it off in. I finally managed to get some photos taken this morning (with my new Fuji X10 that I am still trying to figure out). Thanks Deborah and David!!!

Of course, with 7 cats I am incredibly fearful they may harm my chair (they know momma will freak if they do so they are pretty good about just laying on it and nothing else) so this is what the chair looks like when my arse is not planted on it. 

P.S. Green Light District was featured in the latest issue of Toronto's Designlines! A fantastic magazine I may add, that had me dying to take a trip to TO to check out GLD's new shop and a ton of other shops listed in the mag.