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Naomi Finlay

I absolutely adore the photos of Australian-born-now-let-loose-in-Toronto-based photographer Naomi Finlay. She "combines her keen awareness of architectural flow with a sense of intimacy as she captures the rhythm of a space". I think that's exactly why her photos appear so...believeable. (Thanks for the tip Shannon!)

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Stacey Brandford all over again

Nothing is better than returning to a favourite photographer's website after a prolonged absence and finding out that things are just the same. The work is still fabulous, the talent still shines through. The images are still crisp and clear. The rooms are gorgeous and the pictures are almost like portals to another place. Seems like I could still walk straight into these shots. After all this time things are still the way I remember them except ... there are so many more wonderful new images. Fresh and fab! One of our all time favourite Canadian photographers Stacey Brandford.

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Last night we had a veterinarian come by the house to give our cats a checkup (easier than taking all 7 of them in). At one point we were talking about our upcoming house project and she mentioned that her brother is a well-known architect in Toronto and has a firm with his wife called AGATHOM Co. Their website is currently a little sparse, but included photos of one project that I had to share (I found a few more and some info on Contemporist). It is a 1000 sq ft cabin in Pointe au Baril, a remote archipelago in Georgian Bay (3.5 hours north of Toronto) on a large area of exposed Precambrian rock. AMAZING!! (Be sure to check out the last photo after the jump)

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Some Canadian news

I wasn't going to blog today as I am trying to get as much last minute cramming in for my French test in a few days (almost. done. thank. gawd) but I recently got wind of 2 tidbits of information regarding some Canadian happenings that I had to mention.

First up - the first issue of Pure Green Magazine has been mailed out and I cannot wait for my copy! It is centred around entertaining and looks fantastic from the teaser shots Editor in Chief Celine sent along. Get your subscription here!

Next up is some television news. I'm not sure if this is in effect already or is upcoming as I don't currently have cable but one of my favourite design couples is finally coming back to HGTV Canada (better late than never, as it usually happens up here). Details after the jump.

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas


Looking for something just a little different for Christmas decorations? Take a little inspiration from interior designer Chad Falkenberg who has just finished "decking the halls" of a number of Vancouver shops and restaurants for the season.  A wreath made from 100 beer cans, an upside down Christmas tree made from ribbon wrapped kraft paper boxes and a twinkle arch made of live plum trees. Don't tell my husband about that wreath or we'll be working through a couple of cartons of beer to get one made before the big day! And I don't even like beer. You can see more on Chad's blog.