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Nicola Marc

I have been a big fan of Montreal-based Nicola Marc's styling for years, since I first started religiously reading shelter magazines. She has worked for all of my favourite magazines (all of which I have/had subscriptions for) like Canadian Home & Country, Canadian House & Home, Style At Home, Chocolat etc. Needless to say her portfolio is filled with gorgeously styled spaces that are without a doubt magazine worthy. 





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Yabu Pushelberg

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg of Yabu Pushelberg are interior design geniuses who have been in the business for over 30 years (having started out in Toronto) and now have offices in TO, New York and China. They push the boundaries of interior design and create spaces that are luxurious and breathtakingingly beautiful. Now this is eye candy! The first bunch of photos are of their New York apartment (one of their 3 residences). Gorg!!

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Random on a Sunday

First random piece of business today is the Urban Barn chairity competition I am a part of. Thursday night I got to see my chair in person and I am so happy with how it turned out (photo above). I love it. The chair is SO comfortable and the grey fabric I chose is heavenly (and perfect for pet owners!). Today is the last day to vote, and then from Monday until the 18th it will be up for auction. (The like buttons under each chair will turn to a bid button. People will then be redirected to eBay where they will place their bids.) Proceeds go to charity, and I chose a local cat rescue organization that helped me recently with a stray cat I rescued. They are overflowing with cats (200 last I heard) and are desperate for funding. So please vote today, and bid if you'd like to take my chair home and help a wonderful organization. I am tempted to bid but I have zero space for another piece of furniture in my house. :( 
At the in-store event Thursday night I took a few photos around the shop of items that caught my eye: 

And of course, I had to bring some goodies home with me:

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Paul Kariouk

Paul Kariouk is a well-known architect here in Ottawa and I figured it was about time I blog his work (plus, a reader emailed regarding his work - check it out after the jump). His creativity is inspiring and the homes he has designed are stunning works of art. 

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Omer Arbel

Rising from a gentle slope between two stands of trees is an extraordinary house. Concrete and glass, steel and massive reclaimed Douglas Fir beams. Triangles folding on each other and unfolding on the landscape. Monolithic presence lightened by walls of folding glass doors. It's like being under a cave like overhang. Shaded and cool, protected and enclosed looking out on the world. The weight of the concrete house rising from the earth juxtaposed with waving fields of grass, echoed by the mass of trees. Manmade vs nature. Solid form vs open spaces. All magically illuminated by "glow worm" lights hanging from its cave ceiling. A family house built on rural acreage designed by Vancouver based architect Omer Arbel.

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