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How to make an 80s home not look 80s

I was perusing the latest issue of Style At Home magazine and fell in love with this house that was featured. Designed by Melissa Davis and Halina Catherine, it is classic but streamlined and modern, making it fresh and inviting and not at all stuffy. Built in 1987, you would never know it based on its appearance now. I am completely smitten with the hard wood floors and the acrylic-front custom hutch above by Hardware Interiors Studio. (We also featured Catherine and Melissa's work in this post).

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Working on a Saturday

There is something clean, contemporary and killer about the Blue Communications office by Montréal-based Atelier Moderno in collaboration with Anne Sophie Goneau and I'm not just talking about the life size sharks floating around the walls. I still can't believe I have found two workspaces in a matter of weeks that feature sharks as a design statement. A company mascot or perhaps a work ethic? Anyway as I always say if you have to drag your sorry self into work on the weekend it helps if it's somewhere stylish.

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Le 205

Step inside the unassuming facade of this 1950s warehouse and you'll find a minimalist open plan home. Hints of the building's industrial past remain but as a shell that contains this super slick modern space. Seamless Corian benches, stainless steel, strip lighting and painted concrete play against a mix of contemporary and mid century furniture. I would, however be more at ease with this house if they would just move the shaving mirror away from the ethanol heater. Ouch! Is it a clue that the owner is hot stuff? Le 205 in Mile-Ex district of Montreal by Atelier Moderno.

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The Fairlane House

A family of 6 wanted a comfortable, unique, family-friendly home and turned to Vancouver interior designer Amber Kingsnorth of Māk Interiors to make their wishes come true. And she did, with some stunning custom tile in the kitchen, custom millwork and some bold wallpaper. (Did you see this project of hers?) 

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A Ronald Thom home for sale

The other day a reader named D sent an email with a link to a beautiful home that recently went up for sale in Stouffville (a town near Toronto). This home was designed in 1967 by Ronald Thom, who happens to be a famous Canadian architect, and coincidentally the late father of Emma, my veterinarian. It is absolutely stunning inside and out. Located on 15 acres, this home is a work of art, and takes advantage of the outdoors unlike any house I have ever seen (at least in Canada). Unfortunately the current homeowners who have lived in the home for 11 years had renovated the kitchen and master bathroom - I would have loved to have seen the spaces in their original glory. When I sent Emma the link and commented on how terrible some of the furnishings are she said her father would be spinning in his grave - especially because of the hideous tub for 2 now located in the master bath, which is so hideous I could not bring myself to include a photo in this post. She added "He used to design furniture for his houses when he thought the owners didn't have enough taste to buy the right stuff. Arrogant SOB, but he was usually right."...such as the dining table as mentioned in this article in The Globe and Mail. I hope the new homeowners who fork over the $2.5 million they're asking for this home aren't going to attempt modernize the home any more than it already has been. Oh, the fun one could have filling this with classic mid century furnishings... (This post is in honour of my friend Tom who is restoring an LA home to it's mid-century beginnings - Tom, I thought you'd enjoy this one)

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