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Some press, new house stuff, and a cat

As Jo mentioned yesterday we're back to blogging on weekends. I think I'll stick with the theme I had ended off with back in December of my blogland favs of the week as that was relatively painless to accomplish in the midst of my usual weekend activities of laundry, groceries, house chores, parental visits and whatever else popped up. But I will be breaking that up with random posts, like for example, new work going on at my house. Today is a random post as I had a busy week and wanted to share a few things before the work week starts up.

Thursday was quite eventful. It started with a little party after work for the launch of the 2011 Interiors issue of Ottawa Magazine. I was SO STOKED because as you may recall back in the beginning of December I mentioned in this post there was a photo shoot at my home. I was interviewed and photographed for this issue of Ottawa Magazine, which happens to be the first time I've gotten a shout out locally for being a blogger with some degree of success. And Thursday I finally was able to get my hands on a copy. The story is a page and a half with a rather large photo of me in my kitchen, as well as a shot of my dining room. The photos were taken by Dwayne Brown, who is super talented and SUPER nice, especially when he found out I was interested in photography. He gave me some tips, explained everything he was doing and let me watch as he tweaked the photos on his laptop. And writer Patrick Langston stopped by the house one afternoon and hung out with my husband, myself and our herd of cats and we had a lovely chat about moi and the blog. He also sent Jo some questions are a couple quotes from her and included in the article. Despite having been featured in several magazines around the world, I have to say this one I'm most proud of. Thanks to everyone at Ottawa mag, Patrick and Dwayne!!

***UPDATE: The story is now up on the Ottawa Magazine website HERE!

I had to leave the Ottawa mag party a bit early to make it home for a meeting with our architect who was going to show us his first set of drawings of the additions we want to do to our house. More excitement! It was so great to finally get a visual of how the house is going to look. We talked for a while and came up with more ideas for my husband and I to ponder. He left some drawings with us, and I scanned them and showed my parents and the next day got some feedback from my father. I really liked his ideas so I tweaked the drawings of the main floor to incorporate them. Below are the drawings so far. The red lines delineate the current home (our current office at the back of the house isn't delineated in red because it needs to be torn down and rebuilt because it is not adequately insulated). We haven't discussed details like window placement or exterior/interior finishes yet so windows you see on the drawings are just there as an idea. I cannot wait for this work to start - THIS HOUSE IS TOO FREAKING SMALL!!!

The title of this post ends with "and a cat" - so this is the cat part. Most of you should know by now that I am a huge lover of animals, and I must since I have 7 cats in that tiny house above. I'm always willing to help out a cat in need of a good and forever home when I can - and I almost brought this poor little guy home from PetSmart the other day for my parents who are currently pet-less but the timing could not have been worse so no happy ending there. But I would like to help out a reader here in Ottawa, Elfriede, who first emailed me back in October. Her son rescued a cat whom he dropped off at her house saying he would find her a home and so far has not. She asked if I could take her in because she didn't want to have to take her to the shelter and although my answer was NO WAY, I told her I would be happy to post some photos on the blog in the hopes someone would be willing to give her a home. Elfriede would keep the cat but her new husband has asthma and cannot be around cats. Here is a bit of info Elfriede told me: My son has named her "Gretchen". I took her to a vet a few months ago and he determined that she is female, 10 years old, and a mixed breed (himalayan and tabby). He gave her all the shots and a check up and issued a clean bill of health. What I know about the cat is that she is totally lovable, very affectionate, and in winter, when she stays inside, she is content to just sleep or watch cat-tv through our picture window. In the warm weather she prefers to be outside and explore. She never ventures far from the house. She likes to be around people and likes to snuggle up to anybody who wants to participate. If anyone out there thinks they could provide a home for Gretchen, please email me ( and I can get you in contact with Elfriede. Gretchen is SO CUTE and I wish I could take her but that could mean the end of my sanity. Here are some pics:


not again

It's 8:30 pm on Wednesday (I get my posts ready the night before it's published) and about an hour ago a vet was here putting down one of my other strays. This time it was Oscar, the first stray that showed up when I moved into this house. He's been a regular on my porch for almost 2 years. He was a rough and tough little guy and would never have made a very good pet but he always wanted lovin' from me and would follow me home if I found him out gallivanting down the next street.

So unfortunately I do not have the energy nor the desire to come up with a post about interiors right now. Jo and I are sticklers about posting every day no matter what is going on with us but this is the second stray cat in a week that I've had to do this to (see end of this post) and I'm a wreck. There's one more stray left (3 others disappeared and rumour has it they were taken to the Humane Society - which may I add does not have a no-kill policy) and she has an appointment tomorrow. I am soooo dreading the results of this one.

***Friends of Abandoned Pets, a local rescue organization, has been instrumental in helping me get vet care (and food) for my strays and I am so grateful for all that they've done. If you'd like to make a donation to help them care for the many cats and dogs they have in foster care right now (they are beyond capacity, and cannot foster any more animals) please visit their website. Thank you.



A cat project (plus bonus)

There is always a project going on at my house. The latest project was for the cats. I finally sold my vintage retro sofa I had in the living room that for the past 3 months had been piled up in my office under the window. It had turned into the cats favourite spot to sleep in the sun and watch squirrels. When the sofa was picked up, I knew I had to create something for them to use in it's place so my boyfriend and I went to Ikea to look for something we could hack and use as a cat perch. We made it through most of the store without finding anything and I was starting to panic, until Jeff spotted a baby change table (the Sniglar).

It was only $49.99, had 2 shelves, and could easily be chopped in half (I wanted it to be pretty narrow, just deep enough to fit a cat comfortably). It turned out perfectly. I painted it white (yellow first but it was way too bright), bought some stryofoam (fabric store was out of the foam I wanted) which I wrapped in batting and then fabric (thanks Jo!), and placed the "cushions" in the shelves. And voila, a perfect under-the-window cat perch.

I have to give Jeff credit for coming up with the idea of using the leftover piece of the change table as a new display unit for my West German pottery collection. The table I had been using was too deep, and this new shelving created a much wider space to walk from the living room into the kitchen. (In a 12 ft wide house, the narrower the furniture the better!) I painted some chalkboard paint roughly along the front edge and wrote what was on display. It's a perfect use for the rest of the table that I would have otherwise thrown out.


Someone had a birthday

It turns out I'm not a very good friend. I forgot Jo's birthday. It was a week ago, and I found out 4 days after the fact. I've never been good with dates, or anything requiring a memory for that matter, and she didn't jump at the chance to remind me. In order to make it up to her, I borrowed my sister's video camera, and made her a little belated birthday video greeting. Jo, I'm so sorry for missing your birthday and not getting the chance to torment you on the blog. Instead you get a video, featuring my annoying manly video voice and some furry friends. (Beware: Anyone who doesn't like cats, don't bother hitting the play button).


Little Simmons and Sam

I want to introduce you to the cutest little renovators I've ever seen, Mr Simmons and Sam. Ruth tells the story, "I can't help but email you a couple of photos of kitten and dog during our own renovation. Little Simmons (later known as Mr. Simmons due to his white cuffs and pinstripe suit of fur) could sleep through anything; the sink is set on its back right in the middle of our demo and he slept soundly.) Sam in the sweltering summer heat slumbered on anything as well. My husband is a residential architect in Nashville, and we did our own home with a lot of sweat and help from friends."

The renovation you ask? Wow! A remodeled ranchhouse with a lot of bang for a little buck. Look at the before and after shots! As Ruth emailed, the couple performed much of the work and used several do-it-yourself systems such as Ikea cabinetry and site-glazed windows to further reduce labor costs. Come back in a couple of hours for a full feature on Ruth's über talented husband Marcus.