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Saturday road trip

At the Ottawa Antique Show my husband and I were told by a fellow vendor that we should take a drive to Almonte, a town about 50 KM west of Ottawa. Jeff and I thought we had visited just about every town nearby as we love exploring and antiquing, but somehow we had never ended up in Almonte. Saturday morning we hopped in the car with some Tim's coffee and steeped tea and headed to this quaint town...and fell in love. It was gorgeous. Almonte is a former mill town (coincidentally, the main road is called Mill Street) with the Mississippi River running through it. Had I known how beautiful it was and how much fun I would have shopping there, I would have brought a camera and planned a blog post. Since I ended up scoring some amazing finds in almost every shop we visited I decided to do a blog post despite only having had my iPhone on hand. 

One of my favourite stores was Tin Barn Market - an ever-evolving shop concept that brings together a stylishly eclectic mix of vintage, salvage, handmade objects and handpicked items deserving of a second chance. It is owned by Errin Stone & Vicki Veenstra (it was nice chatting with you Vicki!) and if farmhouse/industrial/rustic style is your thing then you would love this place.

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The Ottawa Antique Show

I had a blast at the Ottawa Antique Show - twice! I went Friday afternoon and spent about 2.5 hours tagging all of my favourite items while snapping photos, and then when it opened my husband and I went wandering around again. He bought me an old leather doctor's bag (check it out on my page) and I bought a gorgeous modernist necklace by Robert Larin. We returned yesterday morning with my family for a fun outing together - my husband picked up a few silly things when I wasn't watching (LOL) and I snagged some more modernist jewelry (slight obsession). You can see my jewelry purchases over on closet rivalry. Unfortunately I didn't pick up anything for the house because I simply have no room for anything new. :( P.S. Today is the last day of the show!

Here are a whole bunch of photos I took on Friday. Photos 3-7 are from my favourite booth which is also where I picked up the jewelry. It's Samantha Howard Vintage from Toronto. Samantha and her modernist jewelry and mid-century ceramics were awesome and I am a new huge fan. 

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Flickr finds - vintage pottery


Jessica Howard Ceramics

Jessica emailed me about her new website for her collection of beautiful ceramics. The colours and patterns are fresh, vibrant and just stunning. I want it all!