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A dreamy dressing room

*SIGH* Now this is a dressing room! The closet in the last post was pretty sweet but this is an entire room dedicated to someone's wardrobe! Built-ins from top to bottom to store everything in a special place. My dream. I am fortunate enough to have a bedroom all to my own set up as a dressing room but it's simply filled with miss-matched pieces of furniture/crates/racks. I want THIS!!! Once again by Marks & Frantz


Nyla Free (again)

I spotted a few new photos in the portfolio of Calgary interior designer Nyla Free since my last feature on her work a few years. Her spaces are bold and fun so I had to share, especially because I covet that closet at the end of this post. (Photos by Lori Andrews, Avenue Mag)

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Noteworthy from Cloth & Kind

I adore this laundry room - particularly the sink set-up and the light fixture. *drool*

Afriad to go with dark walls? Why not give it a try on the trim instead? Talk about a bold, graphic statement!

Kitchen island waterfall action. 

Best blue

This wallpaper is beautiful. Would be amazing with navy glossy trim. Hex tile floor is a bonus. 

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Get organized!


Being organized, especially in a small space, is SO important. I know all too well, living in a space that's under 1000 sq ft with NO closets. NONE. Not having a spot for everything makes me crazy. Having 2 jobs keeps me really busy and when I get home, I need things organized and out of sight to maintain my sanity. One of my organization projects was my dressing room. It was done on the cheap as a temporary project and worked out really well but I cannot wait to have a proper dressing room with SPACE and a spot for everything. California Closets are a company I have grown to love over the years and will be scoping out their closet design solutions as they carry everything you could need in styles ranging from traditional to modern. To have shelving for all of my footwear from boots to pumps, long and short hanging space, drawers for storing undergarments (right now I use storage boxes - really not ideal) and jewelry and belts ....oh the possibilities!!!

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Favourite closet

Favourite artwork

Favourite light fixture
(and OMG I need to get some black Panton S chairs....I love my white ones but the matte black ones are SO HOT)

Favourite photography

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