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The Steam Hotel

What was once an 18 story steam power plant in Västerås, Sweden is now an absolutely stunning hotel complete with 227 rooms, an 800m2 spa, rooftop restaurant (and another on the main floor), outdoor terrace with pool and gorgeous views of Lake Mälaren. I just got back from a vacation south but holy smokes I am ready to re-pack my bags and head here! Thank you Thomas for the link to these photos of the Steam Hotel via Femina

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A conversion with endless potential

Though this home is not really furnished I had to share because I have been dreaming about living in a rough, industrial, loft-like home for at least the past 20 years. Nothing like this exists in Ottawa so I can keep dreaming but if someone has £1,995,000 and is looking for something in London to put your stamp on, scoop this one up! Never mind that it looks like rats were eating the kitchen cupboards, and the painted floorboards are a bit rough...this 3 bedroom, 2,000 sq ft over 4 floors conversion from furniture-restoration workshops built in 1905 has SUCH AMAZING BONES. AH MAH GAWD!!! Listing here via The Modern House.

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A warehouse loft conversion featuring clouds

I wanted to share this awesome warehouse conversion in London that has a bit of a twist. Someone clearly had a lot of time on their hands....and a lot of foam. The foam clouds likely help with the acoustics in the space, so it works double duty. I think it's a pretty cool art installment, and I would totally live with it no problem if I could have this loft. That much space, with up to 30' ceiling heights, and my cats would have a blast tearing around and trying to climb the foam. Available as a location property through Shoot Factory

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Stalking an "almost" church conversion

Kim and I love a church conversion. We have shared so many over the years. This "conversion" in Melbourne's inner-city suburb of Collingwood is just a little bit different. It's a church juxtaposition, a "house/church symbiosis", a church and courtyard house Siamese twin configuration, a conversion without converting. The real estate listing calls it "Gothic Revival meets Neo-modernist design". Whatever you call it it's bloody brilliant. It's by Kister Architects and is the architects own home. Watch the video for some insight into the design and also for some great overhead shots that really make the geometry come alive. The price, like the conversion, is OTT (of course) but what else would you expect? Link here while it lasts.

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A converted timber mill

A mix of old and new, dark and light, modern and rustic. This converted timber mill in Sydney, Australia has everything I love in a home. And it is absolutely stunning inside and out. Kudos to architecture firm Carter Williamson for completing yet another dreamy project. 

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