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A reader named Sanja from Croatia emailed the other day with a link to her blog where she frequently features Croatian interiors. I love to see decor from different countries around the world and thought I'd share some spaces from Croatian magazine moja 4 zida that she has featured homes from on her blog. This first loft is located in Zagreb and is the home of interior designer Mirena Skoric. Love the bold turquoise sofa! (Photos: Frane Fabris)

I'm not sure where this next home is located but I LOVE the raw, warehouse-like shell and white painted brick/cement walls. And I must mention the inset patch of hardwood in the cement floor. Gorgeous!! (Photos: Guliver/Inside Photo)

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Have you noticed how things never stay the same? Like personal taste? I have seen my likes and dislikes change and coalesce, firm and falter over these past few years. I have always admired the work of New York based interiors and landscape firm Rees Roberts + Partners. I think I had a crush on their work way way back (so did Kim even further back). Then I was drawn to their cool, sophisticated urban interiors. All elegance and class. I was revisiting their site the other day and was drawn immediately to this Croatian house. A new work? Must be. I hadn't noticed it a couple of years ago otherwise I would have remembered. It is so fabulously rugged yet stylish with just the right touches of casual elegance and midcentury classic pieces. But maybe it's not new. Maybe it was there all along. Maybe I'm just looking at it with new eyes, a new awareness. All I know is I love it!

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