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Dark and moody

Velvet, leather, brass, aged wood and murano glass. A mid century riff with Scandi classics sits with Elizabethan revival. Wrapped round and round with a dark and moody paint job. A chiaroscuro clash between scantily skimmed windows and the darkest blue walls. The Wolf Upstairs Events Space by Meme of Melbourne. Spurn the noon day sun and meet me for a drink.

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Minale + Mann - a Victorian townhouse project

I love love LOVE this project by London-based architecture, interior and furniture design firm Minale + Mann. It has an aura of class, and elegance, but edgy and cool. This classic Victorian townhouse was designed, renovated and refurbished by M+M, in collaboration with Buster + Punch. A bespoke brass kitchen, distressed chevron timber flooring, a 20ft master suite, M+M and Buster + Punch designed lighting and furniture throughout, are all key design features, centred around a 100yr old Olive Tree in a double void space.


Meet the bride

I love a little drama. Oh be honest Jo. I love a lot of drama. Why settle for a bland rabbit warren of rooms when you can create and cajole, imagine and conceive a space that screams luxury and sensory titillation. In the burbs no less. Melodrama! Meet the Bride as in the Bride and Groom by Russell & George. I'll let them explain.

"This house is stage one of the transformation of an existing 1950s suburban house into one half of a grander vision. Dubbed the Bride and Groom, stage one is the bride, a decadent layered and luxurious series of reception and sleeping rooms. Stage two will be an open stone pavilion."

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Carlton Warehouse

A house within a ruin is the premise for this new home in Carlton in inner city Melbourne. Rising from a decrepit warehouse shell, through a garden space climbing higher until, at the top, it reveals its living areas with expansive views, new spirals out of the old. The repetition of a circle is a recurring motif of the architects' recent work. Carlton Warehouse by Kennedy Nolan.

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This is HOT!

OMG this U.K. apartment in a Victorian manor is HOT!!! High ceilings, period features, floor to ceiling windows the décor is a fusion of gothic, classic and contemporary design with sensual heritage colours, detailed corniche, wallpapered ceilings, tarnished metalics, animal skins and prints. Call me crazy, but I now want to go find a birdcage and some gold chain... Location space available via Shoot Factory
P.S. If you're in the Ottawa area, come down to the Bell Sensplex for the final day of the Handmade Harvest craft show. My husband has a booth (Daff Design) so I will be there hanging out with him and trying not to buy more goodies. I could not help myself today - such good stuff!

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