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Happy Friday!

TGIF! It's been a hellish week at my day/desk job and I am so grateful the weekend is here! To end off the work week, I thought I would share this really cool idea for a side table - consisting of concrete blocks and a clamp light. It does not get much simpler than that! Industrial vibe, cheap and easy...and comes with built-in shelves! ;) Via The New Design Project


down in Løkka

This is one of the most inspiring posts I have shared in a while, IMHO. A huge thanks to Silje for tipping us of to this in an email recently: This is the Tumblr of a friend of a friend. They're a newly married couple in their 20s, and got an apt. in the old part of Oslo, Norway, this summer. They're both incredibly talented and hard-working, and they have just renovated their tiny apartment ALL by themselves. Their style is typically Norwegian, using "honest" materials (as well cal it), thrifted stuff, secondhand furniture and a mixing it to a delightfully minimalist style. Well worth a wee looksy, especially the before and after pictures of the livingroom/kitchen! The blog is named "down in Løkka", Løkka being a nickname for Grünerløkka, a hipster/old part of Oslo. I am completely in awe of all of the work they have done on their tiny pad. And it is beautiful, and perfectly minimal. I am so impressed. 

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Cool wall art projects

As I mentioned earlier, here are some cool wall art projects Courtney Wotherspoon came up with for a Toronto restaurant called l'ouvrier (more photos here). 


Random at my home on a Sunday

I have a ton of cleaning and blog research to do today so because I don't have much time I thought I'd show you some small projects around my house and other things that have been going on here lately. 

First up, some shelving I acquired that needed a bit of work. A couple of weeks ago we went to hang out at my sister's cottage and my husband got to work repairing the shed that houses the ride-on lawn mower (the top half of the back wall had collapsed over the winter due to the weight of the snow). In the process we took everything out of the shed that had been left there by the previous owners. We found a bunch of metal bins/shelving in the shed and outside the shed holding rusting cans of leftover paint. My sister took 3 of the good ones and I offered to take the rusting ones that were outside. They were in pretty bad shape but I figured I could sand them and/or spray paint them. I tried sanding the rust off for a couple of hours but it turned out to be a daunting task so I opted to sand them quickly and spray paint them. I had bought neon yellow and pink spray paint a couple months back and decided to use the pink since I hadn't done anything with it yet. I kind of like it! I thought for now they'd work great as shoe storage in my dressing room. 

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Daniel Grady Faires' tiny NY apartment

We received some amazing photos of an apartment that I had to share with you all. It's the 375 square foot New York pad of Daniel Grady Faires (New York design and furniture guru and featured on season 5 of HGTV’s "Design Star" and now has his own show "DanMade" ) and his wife Dasha. Here's a bit of info: Daniel and Dasha Faires love their 375-square-foot apartment on Ludlow Street in  New York’s Lower East Side. The 100-year-old brick building is situated where Daniel finds inspiration for the furniture he creates. The apartment features only two rooms, plus a great garden area, where the husband and wife entertain. And the pair have certainly created a warm and cozy feel – with the help of well-placed mirrors, candles and Edison bulbs to create a dreamy, low-lit haven. Daniel designs and builds much of what is in the apartment – with the help of items they find on the street – creativity is definitely their strong point. Their dining table and outdoor seating were all made of reclaimed wood from their neighborhood and the custom spice rack was designed and built by Daniel also. It's so cute! And that outdoor space is gorgeous! I would spend every waking moment (weather permitting) out there. (Photos by Emily Johnston Anderson)

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