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Daniel Grady Faires' tiny NY apartment

We received some amazing photos of an apartment that I had to share with you all. It's the 375 square foot New York pad of Daniel Grady Faires (New York design and furniture guru and featured on season 5 of HGTV’s "Design Star" and now has his own show "DanMade" ) and his wife Dasha. Here's a bit of info: Daniel and Dasha Faires love their 375-square-foot apartment on Ludlow Street in  New York’s Lower East Side. The 100-year-old brick building is situated where Daniel finds inspiration for the furniture he creates. The apartment features only two rooms, plus a great garden area, where the husband and wife entertain. And the pair have certainly created a warm and cozy feel – with the help of well-placed mirrors, candles and Edison bulbs to create a dreamy, low-lit haven. Daniel designs and builds much of what is in the apartment – with the help of items they find on the street – creativity is definitely their strong point. Their dining table and outdoor seating were all made of reclaimed wood from their neighborhood and the custom spice rack was designed and built by Daniel also. It's so cute! And that outdoor space is gorgeous! I would spend every waking moment (weather permitting) out there. (Photos by Emily Johnston Anderson)

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When a stylist tackles DIY

Kiwi stylist LeeAnn Yare really got her hands dirty at the Signature Prints factory in Sydney when she was lucky enough to be given a lesson in screening her own roll of Florence Broadhurst Horses Stampede in tangerine.  Despite the 40 degree heat in the factory on the day, the result was near perfect, and is now gracing LeeAnn's sons' bathroom walls.  A long time fan of FB designs, LeeAnn is a huge fan of anything handmade, and this experience has only made her appreciate the handmade process even more. Check out LeeAnn's own concept store Collected at BLOC, opening on the 22nd March in Auckland New Zealand, where she will be selling FB wallpaper and fabric, and some one off limited edition surprises.

Photos by Larnie Nicolson Photography. Collected's website will be live this weekend.


A few quick DIYs

I was meandering around one of my favourite Swedish blogs, Annaleena's HEM, and came across a few simple and awesome DIY projects she's blogged lately that I had to share.

First, how about writing words on a wall using rope lighting...

Or a simple clothing rack using copper piping and some cable (this one actually comes from Ivania @ Love Aesthetics)

And last but not least, covering a vase with bubble wrap, for something a little unexpected.



... and damn clever. Found in the portfolio of photographer Lesley Unruh. (Don't you just love the simplicity of this shot?). From Home from the Hardware Store: Transform Everyday Materials into Fabulous Home Furnishings by Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson with photography of course by Lesley.


Daniel Friedman

We received an email recently from Allison, who is a big fan of her friend Daniel Friedman. Here is what she had to say: "I do not have any design skills whatsoever, but my friend Daniel is amazing! I've lately taken to telling him so. I threw his work on a blog in May. In particular, his most recent project (which you can find on the blog) reminds me of your latest posts-- white, beautiful, modern, enchanting." Isn't Allison a nice friend? :-) She is right - Daniel has a knack for turning what I can only describe as gawd-awful into bright and homey spaces anyone would love to spend time in...and he does it with hardly a budget and what looks like a ton of hard work. Plus, he has creativity up the wazoo. Below are some of projects with before and after photos (my fav!) and some of his DIY projects.


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