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It's child's play

But it doesn't have to be. Why can't grown-ups join in the fun? These stylish acrylic doll houses by Mint Rhapsody are just as much a design statement for your home as the play thing of little hipsters. I'd love one myself and I don't even have kids.

And while we're at it how about this acrylic playpen?


Movin' on up

Ditch the garish bubble gum pink townhouse. You movin' on up. Dollhouses scandi style or should I say Polish style. The perfect minimalist pad for anyone who is 1:6 scale. That's you Barbie or you Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha or you Blythe. You too if your child is clambering for a dollhouse and you just can't bring yourself to let anymore pink plastic into your place. Miniko by Miniio.

P.S. What's up with Barbie in pic 3? ;)

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Playing house

Some people never grow up but some people do something a lot more special and never lose the wonder of a child. That’s how I like to think about The Shopping Sherpa. She has collected the most amazing collection of vintage and contemporary doll’s houses and furniture. More than that she has recreated interiors that most of us would love to live in. (OK OK either we would have to be only a few centimetres tall or the houses would have to grow to life size.) The collection is even part of an exhibition at The Canberra Museum and Gallery that started on October 7 and runs till the end of January. I know that if I lived in that part of Australia I’d be there over and over. Visit The Shopping Sherpa’s blog and Flickr to view more of the collection.

I must give a big shout out to ninaribena of the fab blog Canberra’s Got Style for sending us the links to these cute houses. Pop on over to her blog for the original post and lots more great finds.


Doll's house of my dreams

Iconic Australian company Dinosaur Designs is known for its sensuous resin jewellery and home wares. While drooling over their latest collection I stumbled upon this and smiled. Oh I wish I had this doll's house as a child. The unique pad was auctioned to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation of NSW in 2001 and was donated by the purchaser to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

All images Dinosaur Designs.

P.S. If you don't know their work check out their site especially their jewellery...ooh and their home wares, all of it ... yum.