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This appears to be a popular bathroom setup as of late. I am ready to burst through those doors and lounge in that tub full of steaming bubbly water with a good book and a full glass of Malbec. Via Ashe + Leandro.

Happy weekend!!!


Punch of colour

A unconventional way to add some colour to your home - paint a door neon. The result is bold and fun. I love this colour combo. (Photo by Lucas Allen)


Pretty peek

Pastel pretty behind the blue door. Vaucluse house by one of my favourite Australian interior designers Karen Akers.

Images by Thomas Dalhoff


Flickr finds - entryway/landing strip


My front door

This is just a quick post to document one of the many MANY things I need to do something about in my house. It's the front door. I have to say it's a pretty nifty looking door, and although the inspector I had in here when I was buying the house said I should replace it with a better door (in terms of being better insulated), I cannot bring myself to do that. You don't find doors like this at Home Depot.

One thing I have to keep in mind is the fact that this door opens right into the living room. So whatever I do to it will have to work with the space. The little windows in the door are unfortunately not glass but plastic, and yellow. Not sure if I should work with that or replace them/cover them up somehow. I found a very inspirational photo here a while back, and can't get it out of my head. How freaking cute is this door?!

I'd love to hear your ideas on what I could do with this blast from the past door.