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A dreamy dressing room

*SIGH* Now this is a dressing room! The closet in the last post was pretty sweet but this is an entire room dedicated to someone's wardrobe! Built-ins from top to bottom to store everything in a special place. My dream. I am fortunate enough to have a bedroom all to my own set up as a dressing room but it's simply filled with miss-matched pieces of furniture/crates/racks. I want THIS!!! Once again by Marks & Frantz


A London loft

The secret to the success of this small London loft apartment is the clever storage that makes the most of the small space. Hey who am I trying to fool? The secret to the success of this small London loft apartment is that it is seriously stylish! Anyone else loving that dressing room? By the London-based interior design duo Ebba Thott and Nina Hertig of Sigmar.

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A bit more from Heather Garrett


Nyla Free (again)

I spotted a few new photos in the portfolio of Calgary interior designer Nyla Free since my last feature on her work a few years. Her spaces are bold and fun so I had to share, especially because I covet that closet at the end of this post. (Photos by Lori Andrews, Avenue Mag)

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More eye candy in case the last batch didn't quite do it for ya. Via KK Living.