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A penthouse in Utrecht

I can't make up my mind what I like better. The black stairs and the encaustic tiles that link the two floors? The artwork, especially the photography? The sleek, black kitchen as counterbalance to the white, bright apartment? The light flooding in from the windows? The view? Perhaps all of it! Whatever it is, it's apparent that I love this penthouse in the Dutch city of Utrecht, home to interior designer Jeroen van Zwetselaar of ZW6.

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School Loft

Imagine having old gym equipment in you living room. Would you be tempted to swing on the rings or lounge on the sofa? You could if you lived in an old school. I think I'd be hanging out in the kitchen of this loft conversion by Amsterdam-based Bricks Studio.Love it all.


Loft and light

No it's not déjà vu. I'm not reposting. Look up. Perched atop the Stout & Co. Amsterdam building is an expansive black box. Standing on the street craning your neck you'll notice large walls of windows and what appears to be a tree growing on the rooftop garden. A passerby would be forgiven for stopping and pondering what exactly is up there. We know. By Puur Plus Ontwerpers.

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Stout & Co

Hotel style and the warmth and welcome of a small inn. High end Bed & Breakfast? You bet. Love the look. Love the small luxuries. It's Stout & Co. Amsterdam built on the foundation of a former brewery with design by Puur Plus Ontwerpers. Virtual getaway anyone?

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Amsterdam-based design firm concrete has created a new brand concept in hotel rooms, Zoku, a live-work-socialize hybrid for long stay professionals. Great design not just for hotels but jam packed with cool ideas for any small space living.

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