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Mirella Sahetapy

What makes the work of stylist and photographer Mirella Sahetapy so striking? It's simple. It's the power of simplicity. Limited, muted colour pallette, clean lines, nothing extanreous, the faded strength of the contast between shadow and soft light. Like a faded Dutch Old Master. Beautiful home - Mirella's home as it appeared in Elle Decoration, NL. Beautiful portfolio.

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The home of Hellen van Berkel, photography by Marjon Hoogervorst, styling by Tatjana Quax and Susanne Kennedy. Bright, fresh, white AND colour. Great home, great photos and styling. What's not to love?


Maison Rika

Climb the stairs above the boutique and gallery space to find the bijou guesthouse. Maison Rika is the creation of Ulrika Lundgren, fashion designer and founder of the Rika label. (In a previous life she was an interior designer - of course!) Classic, elegant, warm and with a twist of vintage, the two bedrooms are stylishly comfortable. A perfect base to explore Amsterdam's "9 streets" area.

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Studio Bakker

Stylist, art director, interior designer, creative. Many hats, one man - Stef Bakker of the Amsterdam based Studio Bakker. Moody greys, industrial elements, vintage, warm wood and patina. It's a tactile, stimulating and inspiring.

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More from Inga Powilleit

I didn't quite get my fill of the mesmerizing photography of Inga Powilleit the other day, so I thought an encore would be a great treat on a Wednesday. Eye candy at it's finest. 

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