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Craig Steely 

Clean modernist lines address the site and explore the relationship between the inside and out. Craig Steely Architecture, based in San Francisco and Hawaii, explores what is possible, sustainable and stylish. If a site is a challenge then Steely not only accepts the challenge but his solutions are elegant and environmentally sound. Steep sites in San Francisco, modern renewal of old houses needing more than just a face lift and homes taking root in lava flows. It's about respecting a space and building a future, and a home, from there.

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Coates Design

Coates Design is an architecture firm based in Seattle that specializes in sustainable design. Their vision: is that buildings, when thoughtfully designed, will uplift the spirit, nourish the mind and contribute to the health of our bodies while respecting the environment in which they are placed. I would certainly be uplifted if any of the spaces below belonged to me. :) Matthew Coates and his crew are clearly lovers of wood, concrete, and W I N D O W S!!

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Dennis Design Group

Several months ago Jo posted about an eco-friendly home designed by Lori Dennis of the Dennis Design Group. I loved the photos Jo posted and came across their website again with many more fabulous photos. Her style is youthful and modern and hip, with lots of bold artwork. I am totally impressed by the importance this firm places on "green" design. Lori even has a blog called Glamorous Green, about green design and living. (My favourite is that walk-in closet. YUM)


Caleb Woodard Furniture

I love beautiful handcrafted timber pieces. The life of the tree is displayed lovingly before your eyes and the silky touch of such a piece is a joy. Caleb Woodard is an artisan woodworker whose organic creations are celebrations of a dying craft and a dwindling resource. Mass produced is a necessity but handcrafted is an artwork to be cherished. Caleb's fiance and partner in developing this enterprise, Melanie told me that Caleb specializes in an organic woodworking aesthetic with live edges and midcentury touches - he's inspired by artists from George Nakashima to Vladimir Kagan. Take the time to visit his website and explore his philosophy. Inspiring.


The Duckpond - a reader's home

"I've just discovered your blog (and spent far too much time enjoying the
images). We've just about finished building our mudbrick home in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, and there are a few bits and pieces that may interest you ...." Cecilia.

The Duckpond is Jon & Cecilia Sharpley's photo journal that follows the progress of the building of their special home. It's an inspiring visit for anyone with an interest in energy efficient, alternative, or sustainable building. These are just a few photos of their hand forged balustrades, fallen gum branch bed and stick handles. Thanks Cecilia. You have a wonderful and environmentally sensitive home!

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