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Beth Evans, an interior designer based in London, sent us an email the other day which included photos of her adorable dog, and a link to her blog which showcases some photos of her home, and a link to her Etsy shop. Well, I was totally smitten with each one of these and had to share them all with you. First, I had better start off with Beth's dog Elton "who likes to sleep in my box of Vintage Fabrics and sofas, and beds and anywhere else he is not supposed to be!"

Next, Beth's mid-century-decorated home, "a 1960s townhouse in London which has been in our family since its construction. We have spent the past four years rebuilding many areas of the house including the kitchen, garden and living areas, creating an open plan living space. The house is furnished with a mixture of Vintage Flea Market and High Street finds and the kitchen area is almost entirely decorated with Vintage nic nacs collected from Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales. All the cushions on display are from lollandlie and available to buy from our Etsy shop."

Last but not least, Beth's Etsy shop lollandlie, where she sells cushion covers made gorgeous graphic vintage fabrics she's been collecting for years. Great news - she'll be adding more at the end of August. Love them!!!


Rubens LP

I'm so excited to introduce a new sponsor. Rubens is a Brazilian web designer and art director but more importantly Rubens is an amazing artist. He has just started an etsy store Lines 'n' dots. Fluid and fabulous prints and limited editions. I'll let him explain ...

"I'm using a online way to sell my art because I'm a nerd. 8-) I love computers, internet, technologies, video-games... I'm a shy guy also, so the internet is my office. That's the motif of the art digital in my life. I divided my life between computers and dreams. When I'm not in a computer you can find me reading, playing video-games, lovin with my girl, visiting parks and art museums, libraries, shopping ... I love to write poems and read texts of brazilian modernists ... well...

I draw since any children starts to draw. In 2000 I started an Industrial design course and I worked 6 years as webdesigner/art director for small-medium companies. Illustrator is my tool of trade. I love hand drawing and paints like acrylic, watercolour, pastels and collages... I really love to do collages and I have lots of cuties, sad, ugly and beautiful images. Now I started experiences mixing digital art + watercolour.

I decided create the store now and sell my things for many reasons. Maybe a hippie dream... I don't know.. haha. I have a obsessive aesthetic neuroses. It is a disease... really... I love curves and the beauty ... sensual body forms and nature forms make me crazy."

... just some of Rubens commercial work - cool!

I love his work and I love the way he thinks. You'll find his portfolio here with links to his blog and etsy store or just head on over to the left hand column and click on the still life with apples.


Sabrina's Etsy store

Just wanted to give a quick mention of a fabulous new Etsy store. Sabrina, who works with my twin sister, makes beautiful jewelry and finally opened Abacus Creations. There are a few pieces I've got my eye on, as do some of my coworkers...


We're up!!!!!!!!

Yes we are finally in business. Something happened to a handful of blogs out there and although it took 2 days, Blogger people finally fixed whatever the problem was. Thanks for all your patience and to everyone who emailed to let us know there was something up.

Not only did I come home from work (in the pouring rain) to find the blog working, but I found a package inside my door too. The following photo is of the new print I bought to add to my chick wall, from Etsy store BrandyKayzakianRowe. It's going to be a good day after all!


Etsy shops

I am home sick today (and yesterday) and while I should be sleeping the day away, we've received some emails from fellow bloggers and friends who've got some great new products that I wanted to share instead, because sleeping is boring.

Jane and Hollie of White Elephant Vintage are launching "A Sports & Games Affair" tonight at their Etsy shop so go check it out. Here's a sneak peak:

Emily of Orange Beautiful wrote about her new line of 4-color, hand screen-printed MOTIVATE designs available in her Etsy shop that I absolutely love, and I think I might have to pick up "Get Your Sh*t Together".

Gosia has some great new finds in her Etsy shop blue bell bazaar. Here's one of my favourite collections: