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Kim's place...some progress

Like Jo, I have been so busy the last week or so trying to get some work done in my house. There are some exciting things coming up that involve my place and Jo's that we'll tell you about when we can. But in the meantime instead of doing a regular post (since I am lacking in time) I thought I'd post what I've been working on, and purchasing, lately.

For starters, I spent a few hours yesterday (with some help...thanks Jeff!!) putting up a forest mural in my living room. It was painstaking, and worrisome because we ended up with alot of bubbling, but this morning when I went downstairs, I was relieved to find out they pretty much all flattened out once it dried. PHEW. I love the result. It's kind of wacky, and that's my style. The cat on the couch is a pillow I bought on Etsy. Nah, just kidding, that's Jo's favourite cat Lucky.

Now for the office. Last weekend I painted the office floor-to-ceiling white. I finally said buh bye to pale blue walls, and ugly light oak hardwood. The room is SO MUCH BRIGHTER now. It gets alot of sunlight throughout the day, and with everything white, it's just such a nice room to spend time in, as I do...ALOT. My desk was super long, so I cut it down and covered it in some eBay fabric I've had for a while. Jo suggested I paint the door leading to the back deck yellow, and it looks awesome. I have a ton more work to do in there but it's a good start.



I've gone a little nuts lately on eBay and Etsy (and local shops) looking for trinkets and furniture to finish off some rooms with. Today I received 3 parcels, and am waiting for a bunch more. They included the pincushion chair, the resin grapes and the metal tray. The lamp I bought yesterday at a mid-century modern store here, and the table I bought last week at Value Village. It really needs a coat of paint, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I also have 2 chair cushions at an upholsterer so more photos to come hopefully later in the week.



Flickr finds - Etsy art


Shameless plug (again)

A couple of weeks ago I was squealing with delight when Victoria from sfgirlbybay featured her latest apartment incarnation. I love her style but was sooooooo happy when on closer inspection there was one of my chair prints. I love seeing my work in other people's homes and when it's one as wonderful as Victoria's well you can guess how I felt. Several emails later from people who had seen the link to my etsy store in the comments and I realised I was very low on chairs. Only know have I managed to paint a few new ones. So kudos to Victoria on her gorgeous home and a shameless plug from me ;)



I was checking my emails this morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and read one from a couple who are from Ottawa currently living in Seattle. That had me intrigued, and when I went to check out their Etsy store, it was so cute I decided not to wait for a WINKS post for this one. Casey and Cheryl's store is called TinyModernist, and they sell mid century style baby/kids clothing and accessories and do-it-yourself cross-stitch patterns for famous mid century chairs. The patterns are SO ADORABLE! This store is a must-see, and it's making me glad my twin sister is pregnant again so I can pick up a couple things.


Shameless plug part 3062

Not much happening this week on the decorating front at Casa Jo. Our organic vege garden is starting to reward us for all the hard work (not really, it's only organic because we do nothing to look after it except hand water it) but that doesn't leave me with any "projects round the house" pictures. I have however added 2 new hand watercoloured prints to my etsy store. I call them snippets of suzani. I'm experimenting with patterns as part of a larger piece for my living room wall and these are a very casual interpretation of traditional suzani pieces. (And yes I know that suzanis are so passé but I like ethnic textiles and refuse to give up what I like because design "taste makers" skittishly pounce on the next big thing.)