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Art by Cristina

Cristina, from Modena, Italy emailed us about her new Etsy store, maiacrippichicca, and her paintings are so pretty that I thought I'd share a few with you and hopefully help her get her store off the ground. Plus, I have a thing for art featuring women so I'm REALLY loving her store, and how captivating each piece is. You've got to go have a look. Thanks Cristina!


Etsy finds

I thought I'd share the work of two talented artists who have set up shop on Etsy. Strangely I found their work through Flickr. The first is Erin Tyner. Erin is a self taught photographer and I have been following her beautiful work on Flickr for a year. Then I realised I could buy her work...and I did and have again. Here is her Flickr page and her wonderful website. I'm totally blown away by her Half Awake series but don't miss the rest of her portfolio.
(Update - I forgot to mention Erin's new photoblog here.)

Monkfish is Robert Chunn. I found my way to his work just today when he made me a contact on Flickr. So off I went to investigate. "I mostly paint clutter. I like how objects cluster together on tabletops, in kitchen drawers, on my printer, etc. I try to take a documentary approach to the subject by painting things as I find them. Or, sometimes, I'll just pile up a bunch of old tins and cigar boxes in a haphazard way until something interesting happens. I see painting as an intuitive and sensorial process of balancing pictorial elements to reveal the poetry of color and form in the everyday objects around me. In other words, I just paint what I like." Check out more at his blog Alla Prima Painting (painting from life in one sitting). I love the beauty he finds in the mundane.


Shameless plug

I've been neglecting my etsy shop of late, haven't hand coloured new prints and replaced my depleted stock. Then the lovely Erin of Design for Mankind popped this picture on her Flickr page and it gave me the push I needed. I love seeing my work in people's homes, love seeing how they have chosen to frame it. This is a knockout frame Erin! Pop by my store and see what's new. OK end of shameless plug.



I love etsy. Tonight (today, yesterday or whatever time you're reading this) I bought this. $50 USD and oh so cool if you're into "of the moment oops just passed me by" trends and I sure am!! Hang it I love Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis and I'm proud to admit my vice! Decorative Instincts has some great home decor items if Hollywood regency and all things glam are your addiction. Can't wait until my pillow arrives.


What's in store this week

I've been busy painting birds. Both my peacock and Scandinavian inspired bird prints have been popular this week. A couple of new prints too this week once again based on vintage embroidery patterns. Drop by my etsy store and take a look.

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