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The Forge

A unique space for the creative and curious in Bristol, England The Forge provides the perfect space for events and gatherings, workshops and talks. Oh my! The exposed brick, those windows, the cast iron stair case, the historic exterior and the surrounding streets.

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The Antique Show is back!

Hey fellow Ottawans (and folks in surrounding areas looking for a little road trip) - it's Ottawa Antique Show time again!!! The show is coming up this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and I am excited to promote it this year because my darling husband (Daff Design) has a booth where he will be selling his vintage revamped radios! WOHOO!!!! I am so excited for him to get these damn things sold and out of my house. :) Plus, they're pretty cool.

I know I am biased in praising these things but there is a large floor model on the wall opposite my desk that is wired with bluetooth. I play music from it all of the time and I don't even have to get my arse up out of my chair! 

The booth is massive and there are not enough radios to fill it so I will be bringing some of my vintage goodies to fill in the gaps. My house is too packed with crap so I am excited to sell some of it off too (including all of my coloured West German pottery!). You will have to come to the show to see (although I spot one above)....but here are some photos I took of the fabulous finds from last year.


Brisbane Open House 2013

Brisbane locals will have the rare opportunity to explore 71 of the city’s most historic and architecturally unique buildings when they open their doors for the fourth annual Brisbane Open House. This free event provides visitors with the rare opportunity to discover a wealth of architecturally diverse, well-designed and historic buildings in Brisbane. Held over two days on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October, BOH 2013 promises something for everyone. Guided and self-guided tours encourage participants to explore, re-examine and engage with Brisbane's built environment – opening eyes and minds to good design and curious spaces. You can find out more at the Brisbane Open House website.

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An exhibition in Sarajevo

Some of you may remember Belma's home in Sarajevo I blogged almost a year ago. She contacted me recently to share an exhibition called Bela Vida Gallery in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bela Vida Gallery represents a space which offers a dream home concept to its visitors. It does not just look alike, it can be felt, touched and perceived. Oasis or a perfect home, completely different from similar interior exhibits in the region, is placed in Importanne Center in Sarajevo, since 16th of February. Nowadays, when there is a lot of uncertainty and everyday changes, it is challenging to look for enough energy and to say out loud: Life is beautiful!!! Therefore, slogan of Bela Vida is celebrating everything beautiful, inspirational and qualitative in lives of all of us. By entering the gallery space, whose interior will be completely rearranged monthly, visitors will be able to experience all rooms of one stylish apartment. In that space, they can walk, sit, feel the scent, taste delicacies, get a free advice and simply enjoy the different interior cultures. It is a great honor for me to present you our May exhibition - Veni, vidi, viking. May is the month of Scandinavian design - with furniture and decorations from around the country. What a cool concept - I'd totally check out an exhibition like this here in Ottawa each month to see what designs they came up with.

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Adam Chinitz and Metropolitan Home's Showtime house

Metropolitan Home's Showtime house is an extraordinary display of many designers' talents, and it was photographed by an equally talented photographer Adam Chinitz. Each space is totally dreamy and the photographs are stunning.