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Out of the box

Scott Weston unfolded his concept and now he's delivered on his promise to reveal the "real" room. A chill out space for Sony at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. A place to preen an be seen. Great space Scott and it's hard to believe that the whole thing will disappear in a matter of days!

Here's what Scott had to say. "The finished room as requested. We thought you might like to see the real deal - just like the model only bigger. Fashion Week launched Monday 28th April & our client Sony thought our idea was so innovative that they asked us to do a mini- version at their main store in the city (Sony Central). We have a topiary space with architect designed printed carpet, curtains & glowing pots with peacocks & cranes studded with fresh flowers. We then took the idea further & designed cotton voile scarves in purpose designed boxes wrapped in tissue paper to give to the main fashion editors- Vogue, Harpers Bazaar & the A-listers. We have a team of florists coming in daily to look after our topiary family, keeping them young & beautiful!" Some one get me an invite and a glass of champagne!


What's in the box?

Scott Weston emailed earlier this month with a sneak peek at his latest perishable architecture. He wowed us with his installation for Nokia (see it here) and now it's time for an installation at the "oh so stylish must be seen at" Australian Fashion Week from Monday 28 April – Friday 2 May 2008. This is the concept model but I'll let him explain the idea behind this room.

"We have been asked to do a chic room for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008 at the end of this month (April) for Sony.

We have presented a chillout space with (refer our concept model):
1. Purpose designed Black carpet in filigree roses, leaves & butterflies.
2. A continuous techo fabric printed in filigree roses to cocoon the space.
3. Topiary sculptures of peacocks & cranes sitting in glowing white pots studded with fresh flowers to reference the preening & strutting of our Sydney fashion editors.
4. Quilted leather chairs to sit, preen & be seen.

The idea of fashion (to be seen, preening & the art of display/artifice) we have referenced architecturally formed topiary sculptures of peacocks & cranes. We are working closely with a person who makes these topiary forms individually & painstakingly by hand. It's going to be the space to be at Fashion Week & our topiary will be mini works of living floral art for 5 days."

Scott says he took the idea of topiary from the spectacular eagle on a ball he has been tending in his backyard. Such a clever idea referencing peacocks and preening at a fashion week! Very tongue in cheek. I love these peeks into the creative process and Scott's presentation boxes just blow me away. Don't forget to send us photos of the finished room Scott.


Temporary beauty lasting impact

Scott Weston emailed with pictures of what he calls perishable architecture (and I call one amazing party space). I'll let him explain.

"Thought you might like to see a project we term perishable architecture. A dinner party for the latest Nokia 8800 phone based on the reference to light. We hand glittered all shapes & sizes of lanterns & they looked spectacular. The model demonstrates to the Client our design intent & then the remaining images show the real object. We even designed laser cut black leather placemats- very cool!"

Cool?!!! The whole event looks spectacular! How long did it take to stop finding glitter where you least expected Scott? Scott and his design team have an impressive portfolio of this sort of temporary beauty. You can find more of Scott's work that he has shared with us here and here.


Gloss Creative

When the A-list party in Australia it's Gloss Creative setting the stage. Three-dimensional design is an area we haven't featured a lot of ... until now. Event staging is huge and Gloss Creative is the biggest and baddest of the bunch. Hop over to their website and dream of making the guest list to the swankiest private parties, Fashion Week and every Australian's pinnacle of social climbing, the corporate marquees at the Melbourne Cup (that's a horse race to those scratching their heads). Here are some of their recent Melbourne Cup party tents. Yes tents. SWOON! Pass me a champagne.

Images from Gloss Creative



D'Ette Cole sent me pictures from last year's Clutter as a taste of what you can expect this year. D'Ette unfortunately has sold her share of Clutter to concentrate on Etta Industry but no fear it will still be as amazing as ever. So if you're in the vicinity of Warrenton, Texas make a bee line to this fabulous round top antique sale from March 30 to April 7.

Images from D'Ette Cole

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