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Love it!

Look what I found playing on Stumble Upon. Furnid is a Danish design company that produces this amazing table. LOVE IT! Can't read a word on the site but LOVE IT!

Images from Furnid


Favourite things

The cardscape mail organiser.This is such a cool idea. Great for keeping those bits of paper tidy and looks stylish as well, full or empty. Designed by architect Eduardo Rosa and illustrator Aude Van Ryn the base is a vehicle air filter. Four specially designed cards slot in as well as eight metal clips creating a myriad of urban scapes. Snap, slot, mix. Fun!

All images from Oliveira Rosa Architectural Design


I want to be here

I would give anything to be sitting in this spa with a bitingly cold champagne and all the time in the world to watch the view. Amazing work by Marsh Cashman Koolloos.


I could live here - in either version

It's amazing what a different stylist, photographer, lighting, change the accessories or even the colour of the wall can do to a room. This is Ilsa Crawford's London pad. Style guru, designer and founding editor of Elle Decoration, Ilse shares this former printing works with her industrial designer husband. The first three photos are from a shot recently featured in Australian Vogue Living. The others are from an article in Elle Decoration. Change a rug here. Build a bookcase divider there. Formal versus tussled. I love that the images show what a little change can do for the feel of a space.


I love this house

An Australian couple have turned a run-down 18th century villa in Positano into a light, airy, modern home. A cantilevered ribbon of antique Vietri tiles snakes through the living areas becoming a coffee table, a bench, a place to eat.I love the juxtaposition of ancient space and modernist forms.

All images from Australian Vogue Living.