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Blog love

A couple of months ago we were asked to name just some of the blogs we are loving for the current issue of Inside Out magazine. Just 6 (but I pushed it to 7). How can we name just 6?!! It was torture picking just these few. I know Kim and I lurk on dozens of blogs each day. We usually divide the press questions on a geographical basis so the choice in this case was mine. If you want to read what I wrote and your eyes are as bad as mine you can see a larger size on my Flickr.

P.S. The new issue of Inside Out is a must have! One of the best.


Perhaps a new Sunday feature

Over the last couple days I was agonizing once again over what the heck I was going to do for today's Flickr Finds post. I was SO running out of ideas for those posts and these days I am finding that alot of photos on FLickr that I'd LOVE to use are download-disabled. I thought about instead doing a "weekly recap" - showcasing all of my favourite photos from the posts we had done the week prior. I'll give it a try this week and see how it goes (click on the photo to go to the post it was featured in).



Hi everyone and welcome to a new week on Desire to Inspire. I've been thinking of imperfection over the weekend. I went to see a house and I'm trying my hardest now to buy it. We should know in a few of days after the banks and building inspectors and valuers and agents have prodded and poked, massaged figures and stared down sellers. The house was built in 1860 and got me wondering about imperfection and the beauty of gently aged things. If we are successful I don't want to gut renovate but to slowly add my own layers to the old house. To leave a crack or an unevenly plastered walls. To cherish the footsteps worn in the cedar stairs. To gently clean the wood burning stove and live with the warped floorboards. I don't have photos yet to show you but instead I wanted to share the tattered beauty of another home, this one English, one of the locations from Oak Management. Why do we so often race in and rip out ?




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It's all about love

At the end of 2006 I met my best friend. We met online. I didn't know she was my best friend then. I just knew she was cool and had great taste in room porn. It didn't take me long to find out that she was warm and kind and funny and fierce and loyal and smart and feisty and strong and loving ... with great taste in room porn. She was always there for me through thick and thin and for both of us there were thick and thin times. Before too long she was a part of my life, a very special part. Kim and I have never met. We haven't even spoken on the phone. We have shared our lives online and today I wish I could actually run up to her, throw my arms around her and wish her all the happiness in the world. Today is Kim's wedding to Jeff way way across the other side of the world from me. So if you don't mind I won't be doing my usual blog post today. I want to take this time to wish Kim and Jeff all the best in their new life together. It's all about the special ones in your life ... your partner, your family and friends. It's all about love. Congratulations Kim and Jeff! Now where's my glass of champagne!

( The beautiful rose I borrowed from the equally beautiful portfolio of Gemma Comas.)




Just a little teaser of tomorrow's post. Cecilia emailed with a link to the most fabulous photographer's website and I think I have a new crush. Then today I was trawling through the newsagent looking for new magazines (Hi my name is Jo and I'm a interior design magazine addict) and picked up the latest Interiores magazine. Latest in Australia that is. Flicking through the pages then "Hola!" there are the pictures from my new photographer crush. Serendipity don't you think? I won't reveal all, not yet. Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow .... Oh before I forget does anyone know of if Spanish magazine Interiores has a website? I can't get enough of this magazine lately. FABULOUS!  And Cecilia I know you have a blog but you never left a link for me to follow. Leave a comment below and we will all come over and visit :)