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Working on a Saturday

If you have to work on a Saturday then this is the sort of office you'd want to do it in. Advertising agency SON Helsinki by Finnish inteior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto.

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Jukka Rapo

Easing you into the work week with some exceptional photography from Finnish photographer Jukka Rapo. I SO want this little cabin retreat in the first group of photos. *SIGH*

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Katja Lösönen

Soft northern light, the simplicity of Scandinavian living. Whether bright and white or rustic and time worn it's hard to pick a favourite. The ordinary is often extraordinary. Beautiful images captured by Finnish photographer Katja Lösönen.


More from Krista Keltanen

It's only been a few weeks since I blogged the captivating photography of Krista Keltanen. I've got some more goodies from her portfolio to whet your appetite for some sweet eye candy.  (Man I love clothing out on display on a rack. I need a bigger house so I can have one in my dressing room...and maybe one in a spare bedroom to hang all of my favourite blankets....)

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Krista Keltanen

A big thanks to Nina for introducing us to the work of Finnish photographer Krista Keltanen. She is super talented, especially at post processing. Love the deep contrast and brightness of her photos. Gorgeous. 

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