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It's the beginning of a long weekend for some Canadians (including 'lil ol' public servant me) and I'm grateful as I have deemed this clean and organize the house weekend! Long overdue I tell ya. To ease you all into the weekend how about some eye candy from the always delightful Finnish magazine Avotakka

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Annette Nordstrom

Annette Nordstrøm is a Finnish photographer and interior designer currently based in Norway and Morocco, whose work is really beautiful. I love the following spaces - the first 3 are from Annette's design portfolio and the last was captured by her.


A modern and colourful apartment in Finland

Maurizio Giovannoni, and architect and interior designer in Rome, emailed us about an apartment he designed: The apartment is a little penthouse (about 65 mq.) in Turku, Southern Finland. Before renovation, too many walls and doors blocked the spaces and the passage of light, and the most beautiful view of the historical sites of Turku was on the bedroom side. My principal goal in this project was letting the light flow in and creating a relaxing living room where my customer could do his creative workThe partial demolition of walls was a natural consequence, along with reversing the location of the bedroom and living room. After fixing this, we decided on the overall “concept” together with my customer, organizing all the details that colored the white spaces. That happened during my customer’s visit to Rome (due to my impossibility to travel in that period), and via 4oo e-mails between Turku and Rome. The result is what I now consider my style: a blend of cultures. There is nothing that stimulates me more than to study different countries and make some cultural themes recognizable but never intrusive in the project.  In this case, the floor is covered with parquet of white ash, the shelves are birch and the kitchen table is also birch but colored with heat. Wood is an omnipresent element in this flat as it constantly is for Finnish people, but the real attention is catalyzed by the nature theme pictured on wall paper, carrying colours and contrasts and a typical Mediterranean “courage”. The furniture itself is a mix of the 2 cultures and of past & present: the  grandmother’s armchair is a piece of Finnish vintage from the sixties as is the red floor lamp. The arc framing the wall paper is the famous Twiggy by Foscarini and the suspended lamps are Italian as well:Olimpia by Ideal Lux. Everything fits together in perfect harmony! (Photos by Mikko Ala-Peijari for Kauniit Kodit magazine)

I love this apartment. It's spaces like this that make me want to forget my obsession with neutral/natural decor and grab a can of spray paint - or buy a row of chartreuse green kitchen cabinets. 

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Have a great weekend!

via Avotakka


Hump day inspiration

It's Wednesday, the middle of a VERY long week, and the 3rd week I have been acting for my boss while she's been on holidays (GUESS WHO NEEDS SOME HOLIDAYS NOW??) My husband and I have not heard from our project manager for our house renos/addition in over 2 weeks, and we're hoping ANY DAY NOW we'll get our permits. I am having a hard time scoring some discounted bathroom fixtures and flooring. We're still waiting to hear from the bank, something that was supposed to be simple and take 3 days has now been over 3 weeks. And my little sister turns 30 today. (30?? WTF???) I have to say, I did feel better for a few moments while looking through the website of Finnish magazine Avotakka (previously blogged here, back when I was also bitching about something or other).

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