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Have a great weekend!

via Avotakka


Hump day inspiration

It's Wednesday, the middle of a VERY long week, and the 3rd week I have been acting for my boss while she's been on holidays (GUESS WHO NEEDS SOME HOLIDAYS NOW??) My husband and I have not heard from our project manager for our house renos/addition in over 2 weeks, and we're hoping ANY DAY NOW we'll get our permits. I am having a hard time scoring some discounted bathroom fixtures and flooring. We're still waiting to hear from the bank, something that was supposed to be simple and take 3 days has now been over 3 weeks. And my little sister turns 30 today. (30?? WTF???) I have to say, I did feel better for a few moments while looking through the website of Finnish magazine Avotakka (previously blogged here, back when I was also bitching about something or other).

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Cue the violins

I don't really know what to write as an intro to this post. Basically I am stressed out and preoccupied to the max and my brain is just not functioning up to par. My day job has been REALLY busy for ages, we're trying to get plans finished for the house which is a little tough working with an architect AND designers (both of whom are swamped), I have a French test (for said day job) the day after Easter weekend that if I don't pass may mean having to leave my team (where I have worked for my entire career as a public servant) and go back to programming - something I REALLY don't want to do. And I f*cking hate tests, especially verbal ones. With that whining, I leave you with some photos from Avotakka, a very cool Finnish magazine. (P.S. I really want to make a floor lamp like the one in the first photo.)

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