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Instagram love - @robinhlucas

I thought I would share a bit of Instagram love today with an account I have been following for a little time now. Robin Lucas @robinhlucas is a brilliant artist, designer and gardener whose traditional English home is absolutely breathtaking. Add in his gorgeous flower arrangements and I can hardly breathe. He's a must follow. XOXOXO 

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Stacy Bass - Gardens at First Light

Books are something I constantly crave. I especially love books that have me dreaming of climates much unlike those here in Ottawa right now. I am SO OVER WINTER and counting down the days to my trip south, so this book could not have come into my possession at a better time. Gardens at First Light by talented photographer Stacy Bass (with words by Judy Ostrow and published by athome Books) is a beautiful coffee table worthy book that gives you a glimpse into some of the most stunning private gardens you will ever see. Stacy is an extraordinary nature photographer (among other genres as you will see tomorrow) who uses early morning light in such striking ways to create enchanting scenic photos. I could go on and on with more adjectives, but I will let this small sample of photos from the book show you - but I bet you'll start getting that gardening itch before the end of the post! Get yourself a copy via Amazon or Barnes & Noble



There is something about photographer Tara Donne's work that reminds me of old masters' paintings. The composition, the lush light, the colours, oh the rich, rich colours. Perhaps the choice of subject matter. The beauty in the everyday, the drama of a vase of flowers. Inspiration comes from so many places.

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Little ray of sunshine

Yellow that is. Love these photos by Sydney based freelance photographer Nicky Ryan. How about peony pink? Divine.


John James

Flights of fancy or is that fantasy? Hand drawn birds fly across a ceiling, carved feet peep from a bathroom vanity, rosy hearts spring from grass. Fun and joy as well as style and substance. Designer John James is a man of many hats though. Not only interiors both quirky and sophisticated by wedding and events design. We don't usually post weddings on Desire to Inspire (so much interior design goodness and not enough time for anything more!) but I just had to include some shots from John's portfolio that he kindly shared with us. So elegant yet relaxed. A perfect California vibe! You'll see all after the jump.

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