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A weekend home in Burgundy

I am completely infatuated with this home in Burgundy, France. It is the weekend getaway for interior designer Clarisse Prudent and her family, and was completely renovated over the span of 15 months. It is a gem, with concrete floors, very basic architecture, lots of windows, lofty on the top floor and filled with lots of vintage pieces paired with a few classics. My favourite touch - the photographic artwork. Via The Socialite Family.

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Taking a dip

When I need inspiration all I need to do is dive into Jonathan Tuckey Design. It's such a refreshing dip. Today I have a hankering for a seaside getaway. Beach House in Cap Ferret.

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Still French

Entamer une conversation subtile entre appartement bourgeois du XIXème et meubles sur mesure réinventant le classicisme. Yes. A subtle conversation between classicism and bespoke modern. St Germain Apartment by Tristan Auer.



In a parallel universe I am French. I live in this beautiful home. I'm surrounded by history and personal treasures, the rooms traditional, slightly faded with a ripple of the modern. By LB Architecte and interiors by Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi.

In a parallel universe I am French, pencil thin and always 35.

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Blue and green

Nobody quite does saturated colour as well as French antique dealer Florence Lopez.