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Stalking a pied-à-terre in Paris

Got a cool 1 200 000 €? Great. This 2 bedroom, 86 m2 pied-à-terre in the 3rd arrondissement on the right bank of the River Seine might just be for you. I'm sure if you love the eclectic and eccentric contents a deal might be done. Link here while it lasts.


It's French

It's at times restrained and contemporary. At others it's OTT. It's old and new. It's eclectic. It's light hearted. It's fabulous. It's French. It's Rue du Japon Toulouse by Paris-based design duo RMGB, aka Baptiste Rischmann and Guillaume Gibert.

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The Gaztelur in France

Gaztelur is a restaurant / flower shop / antique shop / banquet hall and one of the most breathtaking venues I have ever seen. Designed by Marta de la Rica, it is an eclectic blend of vintage pieces from just about every era making each space refreshingly unique. I am in awe of the original architectural details that lend such a stunning backdrop to the furnishings and those incredible chandeliers. 


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Behind closed doors

Clever idea! By Paris-based GCG Architectes.

Photos Adélaïde Klarwein


So French so fabulous

Oh the French. They have that certain something. Effortless style and sophistication. A little bit rustic with simple luxury, primitive next to midcentury, vibrant colour playing against whitewash. An understanding of what is needed and what is not. Be style my beating heart. Maison des champs, Sainte-Foys-Lès-Lyon by interior stylist Nathalie Rives.

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