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Craving green

I look out at my garden and I see brown. A long dry winter without a hint of good rain and brutal frosts have seen my garden curl up its roots and almost give up. I cajole and threaten but spring is looking lorn at the new old house. For a little fantasy on a dry brown day I have turned to Sydney landscape designer Anthony Wyer. Verdant green and fantasy shapes. Cloud trees and bamboo, pools and spreading canopies of green. I close my eyes and all is beautiful and lush and green. Aaahhhhhh ......

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Stalking front yards

The last real estate stalking was all about the internal courtyard. This house is all about making the most of a small front yard. Take about kerb appeal. Imagine that wisteria in bloom! Certainly makes up for the minuscule backyard. once again I am left to ponder how wonderful this home would appear if styled and shot properly. The strange "push coffee table back against the sofa, drag the rest of the furniture out of shot photo" may make the room look larger but it doesn't satisfy the interior design voyeur in me. You can just imagine what the room looks like if you squint through the back windows. Ah just like real stalking! Real estate stalking in South Yarra, Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. Apologies ... this post was for yeaterday but somehow the scheduling went haywire :)

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A perfect backyard. Stylish and fun, contemporary and compact. Lush plantings and welcome shade, a playful pool spot for summer splashing. Eentertaining is covered ... and uncovered. Pure sunshine! By Sydney landscape design firm Secret Gardens.

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Secret garden

A secret garden by Secret Gardens. An inner city oasis. A haven from the hustle and bustle. Lush and stylish. Can you believe this is in Potts Point, Sydney? It's a hideaway, a respite, a little slice of heaven in the city.

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On the alotment

A beautiful little house perched on a garden allotment in Groningen in The Netherlands. A wonderful getaway on a tiny lot in a communal setting. Don't pop a portable shed or generic lock up on it. No. Create something as special as the eccentric gardens that surround it. Garden house, summerhouse, shed and hide-away. A marvellous mini villa by Haiko Meijer of Onix, perfect for architect and family.

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