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The Flushing Meadows

I have never been to Germany, but if I ever to get the opportunity to go, I know where I want to stay! The Flushing Meadows. Our hotel is situated on the top two floors of an industrial building in Munich's most vibrant neighborhood, the Glockenbach – just a couple of meters from the Isar's wild river banks. The third floor features 11 individual loft studios with exceptionally high ceilings, each created in collaboration with selected personalities and friends from various creative realms, including music, cinema, design, sports and art. The top floor is home to five variously sized penthouse studios, some with private terrace – as well as the Flushing Meadows Bar. 

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Kitchens you will not find in the burbs

I am all about kitchens that are any combination of black, white, grey, wood and brass. And then I saw this, again by Gisbert Pöppler. It makes me want to move to a flat in Europe, because I don't think this will can be pulled off anywhere else. And OMG I kind of like the peach and green combo. It's TRUE. With the gold and brass accents it's so classy art deco (I would have gone with funkier chairs tho').  


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Colour coded

Gisbert Pöppler is an architect and interior designer based in Berlin whose portfolio is....jaw-dropping. Exuberant flourishes are tempered with Northern European restraint, creating harmonious hybrids of unexpected elegance. If you are one to err on the side of colour, then feast your eyes on these spaces. Art deco, mid-century mixed with every colour combination you could think of. And somehow, it just works. But I think that's because the architecture is as bold and ornate as the colours. Attempt this in your cookie-cutter house in the burbs and you will likely fail miserably.  

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Steve Herud

I have not been this enthralled with a photographer who shoots commercial spaces in a long time, but Steve Herud is a genius when it comes to capturing funky restaurants, hotels and rental apartments. These spaces are gorgeous despite being commercial, and provide tons of inspiration for residential applications. (These photos include Hotel Superbude, Pappa e Ciccia restaurant, No Fire No Glory coffee shop, the FvF + Vitra apartment, Hotel Das Stue, 25 Hours Wien Hotel)

~ Sorry, short on pet entries this week. If you have submission please send them to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net.  

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Reader's home - Luisa's flat in Germany 

I have a darling little flat to share with you today. It is Luisa's recently finished flat in an art nouveau house in the heard of the city of Görlitz (the most eastern city of Germany on the border to Poland). The architecture in this area is breathtaking. I first saw the flat in May this year when I found a new job in Görlitz and I took on the adventure of renovating it on my own. It was in a horrible state when I first saw it but I loved the old floor boards in the living room and the stucco in the kitchen. The feeling of the history in the rooms, the old doors and windows and the spacious rooms are so great. I also love old furniture and collected a lot of it over the years. I knew this would turn out great.

Luisa worked VERY hard transforming her flat. She sent some before photos to show just how hard...

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