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The launch of Miele's revolutionary Dialog Oven

I had a blast in Germany recently (my first visit there!) thanks to the folks of Miele Canada and Maverick PR firm who invited me to participate in the international launch of the revolutionary new creation - the Dialog Oven. We had no idea what was being launched before the trip so it was really exciting to finally learn what the hype surrounding this event was all about. Myself and a handful of other Canadian bloggers, food writers and magazine editors flew into Berlin and had a great afternoon and evening doing a bit of sight seeing and enjoyed a fantastic dinner where we spent most of the evening trying to guess what product Miele was launching (LOL). You can check out more photos from Berlin here on my page. At the airport this big red Miele bus was waiting to take us to our hotel:

The following day the bus dropped us off at Bolle Festsäle, a stunning industrial building that was completely revamped for this event. It was VERY impressive, and the "show" they put on blew me away at each stage.

We were greeted with champagne and hors d'oeuvres and photos were taken of each of us and our faces then flashed on the wall of the initial space that was decked out with a history of Miele products. 

Introductions were done by Dr. Reihnard Zinkann (executive director & co-proprietor) and Dr. Markus Miele (executive director & co-proprietor). Interesting bit of history of Miele: since its inception in 1899, the company has been in the ownership of the Miele and Zinkann families. All of the 80 or so family stakeholders are direct successors of one of the two company founders, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann.

Following introductions we began to learn about this new Dialog Oven with a 4 course meal cooked by superstar chefs. And this is where the voodoo, the magic, the mind-blowing technology started to emerge. This oven cooks food in a way you have never seen before. It uses electromagnetic waves, and "communicates" with the food it is cooking. The oven has 2 antennas on the ceiling in the interior that is able to calculate how much energy it has sent out and the food has absorbed. This is not like a microwave, and the proof of that was when during the demonstration, a frozen German cream cake was put in a Miele microwave, and another was put in the Dialog Oven. The microwaved cake became a soupy mess. The cake in the oven came out perfectly thawed and ready to serve. 

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A unique, art-filled maisonette in Germany

Since I will be in the air on the way to Germany when this post published I wanted to feature a home from this gorgeous country. This 290  apartment in Stuttgart is that of architect Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group and textile designer Stefan Gabel of Zimmer + Rohde. This space could really not be more unique - with fun pieces of art throughout. Such incredible creativity and thought went into the design. I adore this. 


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A 300 year old restored coachman's cottage in Germany

There are several styles of interiors that I am drawn to, and this 300 year old restored coachman's cottage in Germany owned by designer Jeanette Walther embodies my favourite. Rustic, timeworn, weathered, textured, rough. Shades of brown and black and grey and earth, barnboard, elements from nature, chalky walls, peeling paint. Picture perfect. Photos by Ivar Janssen for MilK Decoration and Architectural Digest Gemany.

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Working on a Saturday

Most weeks I feature workplaces under the banner of "if you have to drag yourself into work on the weekend it helps if it's somewhere stylish." I've featured dental surgeries before but this is my first paediatrician's practice. (I love the German for it ... eine Kinderarztpraxis.) Even more important than a good looking workplace is a space where children feel happy, relaxed and safe. Doktorfisch (an underwater world for a doctor's fish get it?) by Dreimeta.

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A minimalist retreat in Berlin

A minimalist oasis of calm sits atop a heritage building in Berlin, the home of a globe trotting entrepreneur with a killer African art collection. German interior architecture firm Dreimeta (who also designed Tuesday's La Granja in Ibiza) has created a home as retreat, an escape from high powered, fast paced lives, a place to be surrounded by authentic materials and treasures from travels, a beautiful space to collect and recollect.

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