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Sabrina Rothe extra

A little rustic eye candy from Sabrina Rothe


Sabrina Rothe latest

I could not be more grateful it's Friday. It's been a crazy week, and I'm ready for some time off the day job to knock some items off of my to-do list, including photographing some new things around my house - hopefully to feature here on Sunday. My photos won't be as fantastic as these by German photographer Sabrina Rothe. I love how she takes advantage of natural sunlight to add a magical quality to the spaces she captures. (Check out more of her work featured by Jo here)  

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Anya Hoffman

It is so refreshing to see spaces designed by someone who clearly enjoys what they do and wants to bring a smile to everyone's face who has the pleasure of experiencing their work. I'm talking about designer Anya Hoffman who is based in Cologne, Germany. What a pleasure to stumble upon her portfolio (she has an online shop too). 

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The artist's studio

A 17th century barn conversation in Waiblingen, Germany, Atelier S is a studio and exhibition space. Rustic elements were retained and restored (the building was in danger of immenent collapse) while a modern staircase sculpture leads to the second floor. By Stuttgart based COASToffice ... bringing together the past and the present, rustic and sleek.

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The view

Not the view from the window but the view in the window. Pretty and dare I say practical ... that is if your view is less than inspiring. Beautiful shot by Julia Hoersch.