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Little details

Or should I say details for the little ones. A reading nook hideaway, a door within a door and a jigsaw puzzle cupboard with a special lockable drawer. Keep out! Special touches for special people. By Berlin based Karhard Architektur.


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An air raid shelter turned loft

My dream of living in a loft has never wavered, and the idea of living in a very industrial loft and having the challenge of warming the space up has always been intriguing. This loft isn't necessarily all that warm and cozy, but I really love the dramatic vibe it gives off. It is a former Nazi air raid shelter (complete with WWII bullet holes) erected in 1942 in central Berlin, and is the home of ad agency founder and publisher, Christian Boros, and his wife, Karen. Formerly devoid of natural light, the homeowners had the 3000 sq m bunker completely reconfigured and added massive windows. They have an amazing collection of furniture (and art of course - love the upside down head!), and the dark flooring and concrete walls make it dark and moody but the windows keep it fairly bright. Oh, to have that much space..... (via Freunde von Freunden)

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Envy is a deadly sin. I know because I sin all the time. Better add greed and gluttony. I could sit here and overindulge in this wonderful apartment brought to life by Potsdam based architectural studio Miethe+Quehl. With great features to build on the architects have been refined in their touch. The historical sits comfortably with the slick and contemporary. The floors warm my greedy little heart, the light makes my eyes sting with tears. The sheer beauty of its deco bones makes me choke and splutter on my avarice. I am a bad girl. I deserve to be punished ... and you can punish me ... after I lick the computer screen a bit more.

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Freunde von Freunden sneak peek

Zsuzsanna Toth of Freunde von Freunden sent over a sneak peek (with exclusive pics you won't find on fvf) of the latest interview with gallerist Karena Schuessler

"They are earnest and discreet, wear black glasses and have minimalistic furnished habitats. This is a gallerist stereotype. But a walk through the door of Karena Schuessler’s Charlottenburg apartment reveals the exact opposite ..."

You'll have to pay a visit to Freunde von Freunden to see more. Such a tease!

(Photography by Ailine Liefeld and text by Sarah Weinknecht.)

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Patrice Bastian and Laetitia Schlumberger and Freude von Freunden

Just like friends of friends. People you get to know but don't really know ... if you know what I mean. Once again one of our friends from Freunde von Freunden have shared a few images from their latest interview and home and office tour. Patrice Bastian, creative director and architect, and Laetitia Schlumberger, fashion designer. An amazing house in the 10th arrondisement, Paris and an intiguing story of creative ideas and lasting love found in China. Just a tease here on Desire to Inspire. You'll have to pop over to Freunde von Freunden to discover more. Photography by Fred Lahache. Story by Léa Munsch.

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