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junger & beer architektur

Someone left a comment on the blog yesterday linking to Austrian architecture firm junger & beer so of course I went snooping through their portfolio and came across a couple homes I thought I'd feature today. The first has a bit of a Scandinavian vibe, the second is a bit bolder and funkier. I'm a fan of both (except for the crazy nightclub-ish lighting in the bathroom).

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Thomas Kröger

Berlin architect Thomas Kröger. Love the brevity of line, the use of positive and negative, the clean minimal look accentuated by colour. These are stylish contemporary spaces that are strong in their subtlety, clever in their use of materials and colour blocking to delineate and accentuate.

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A German home (from a Croatian magazine)

Here is a peek at a home once again from Croatian magazine moja 4 zida (Thanks again Sanja!). This one is actually located in the Bavarian hills of Germany and designed by architects Ippolito Fleitz Group. The views are incredible and easily enjoyed through huge windows. (Photos: Bruno Helbling)

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