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Working on a Saturday

So starkly elegant. So, so restrained. Like the essence of good taste, distilled, concentrated and stoppered in a crystal bottle. Open it and your head hurts. A hairdressing salon with Art Deco references and beautiful bespoke fittings and furniture by Pietro Russo. Of course the shots are of the space sans clutter, towels and hair clippings but then again such an exclusive salon would have a bevy of apprentices at the ready to sweep and zhush.

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Home & Delicious

I love to start the working week with a virtual holiday have you noticed? Now if I could only find a way to actually make it to Reykjavík, Iceland to stay at Home & Delicious, in one of their three beautifully refurbished apartments in a quiet residential area in the heart of the city, then I'd be beyond happy. Only problem is I can't make up my mind which apartment to stay in. I'll have to try all three. Via Welcome Beyond.

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I've got a bathroom thing going on at the moment. Love the way the tiles have been laid in this shower designed by Michael Bechara.


Gill Renlund spaces of note

I looooove this kitchen! The stainless cabinets with marble countertop is SO hot. I adore the vintage lights over the sink, and the beverage station with hanging wine glasses for easy access. I even dig the tree on the table - distracts you from the fact that there is no light over the table.

What a cool space - the random finishes on the ceiling and the peeling wall, together with the painted floor and chalky grey wall is all about subtle textures and sheens. And I may be nuts, but maybe a huge skull painted on the wall is not such a bad idea. :)

This photo makes me want to cry, the winter here has been so cold and snowy and BRUTAL. But I leave for Mexico in one week, so there's that. But right now I would love to be sitting on that porch with a glass of wine. 

From the portfolio of interior stylist Gill Renlund.


Grey is the new black

I have been proclaiming my love of grey as the unrivaled neutral for years now, and frankly, grey is the new black. Many people will soon have grey on their minds as the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is coming in a couple of weeks (around Valentine's Day, coincidentally). I got together with Hamacha and Sun from clothing e-destination Theory of Gaia who will be sharing photos from this post over on Gaia Full Circle, and in the spirit of this theme, they sent me a beautiful grey sweater dress. So without further ado, I present you with a selection of some juicy grey room porn. 

KK Living

Johanna Pilfalk via my scandinavian home

 Residence Style via Seattle's Child

Susan Greenleaf via Lonny

A place for my home

Eye Swoon

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