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Tine Kjeldsen

The following stunning Danish home belongs to Tine Kjeldsen, owner and designer of homewares company Tine K Home. Her aesthetic is SO appealing to me. Lots of white, with doses of grey and bits of black and plum. This house is perfection - I might add a few pieces of unpainted wood furniture and some ethnic pieces to give a bit more natural vibe. (And I really wish I could do all white floors but my plethora of cats means I need to get that idea out of my head). 


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Industrial chic

One more sleep until Christmas!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend filled with joy and laughter, lots of good food and granny naps. I'm not sure what Jo's plans are for blogging (I've missed her on MSN the last couple of days) but I'm going to go ahead and say I likely won't be blogging tomorrow or Sunday. So enjoy yourselves, but first, I'd love to show you this home I found on the website of French magazine Le Journal de la Maison. I LOVE this home. The owner seems to love natural materials and flea market finds, particularly with an industrial vibe (me too!!). I was drooling over each one of her funky light fixtures (hello Jielde!). See you all soon!!

***Update: speaking of industrial/thrift finds, check out this post on my page for my latest find!

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Subtle changes powerful impact

You've seen this house before in magazines, product shoots and here on Desire to Inspire. It's location78, the East London photographic location house of photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes and stylist Jo Atkins-Hughes. Their design, their styling, their business. Look more closely and you'll see them, the subtle changes that have taken this house to the next level. A few well chosen pieces of furniture and new accessories, touches of new colour (including a black living room), warm timber tones have added a life and a warmth to an already amazing house. To cap it all are these fabulous new photos by Graham. A new look at old favourites, a peek at spaces we haven't seen before and an exuberant garden that is the perfect foil for the moody maturity of the interiors. I couldn't make up my mind which photos to leave in or out. I'm guilty, I'm afraid Graham, of using almost all of them. Available for location hire ... maybe I could hire it permanently and move on in.

P.S. Launching soon an online shop at their website and they have started a blog. I'm sure they'll let us know when they have all the content ready.




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Reader's home

Paul and his wife Elsa have recently moved into their new home in Singapore (an 86m2 / 925 sq ft public housing apartment). Turning to magazines and blogs for inspiration they have created this fabulous minimalist apartment, a perfect respite from Singapore's hectic pace. Emailing with Paul he came up with an insight into Singapore's growing design scene.

Things have really started to move design and architecture-wise in Singapore over the past 5-6 years. Lots of interesting stuff now, but I think we are still some way away from finding our own design vernacular. There isn't a "Singapore" look, in the way that there is an American country-home look, or a Scandinavian aesthetic, or even the modern-Australian feel that so many of the Sydney and Melbourne homes that you have put up on your site have achieved. I guess it is a bit difficult with the cookie-cutter government housing flats that 80% of us live in, where everything is pre-fab. For a long time, the government was just trying to put together as much low-cost housing as possible to meet the demands of population growth. So build quality is alright, and the flats are relatively affordable, but they were absolutely zip in terms of design until recent years. More effort is being put in to the aesthetics of the new built flats now, but the one I just moved in to recently is about 10 years old, and was certainly built for function rather than form. I have always been a fan of mid-century modern and minimalist styles. What I tried to do with the flat is to keep it honest to its pre-fab / concrete / city-space background by taking on an industrial feel and meshing it with what the styles that I liked. It was challenging because neither my wife nor I have any background in design whatsoever, but really great fun. There are many other really interesting interpretations of public housing flats though – everything from modern baroque to faux-country house, and from Balinese resort to French petit-Chateau style. It will be interesting to see if all the different styles somehow converge into a "Singaporean" look in the future!

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Stalking in Sydney

Time to stalk Sydney with me. We are in my favourite hunting ground Paddington. Oh to be able to afford a home here! How about these grey one? Presenting a stylish but private face to the outside world, it's what's going on out the back that has all the drama. I can't get enough of the black sunroom and the black deck is bliss. Join me for a cool drink and perhaps a splash in the pool? Life can be tough when out stalking! Link here while it lasts and of course there is more after the jump.

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