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Renee's loft - part 1

I am absolutely, completely, unquestionably, positively in love with this loft. Every square inch. I'm drooling and having heart palpitations. It is located in the Netherlands and is the home of Renee Arns, stylist and one of the owners for Out Of The Blue Concept Store. Her friend Paulina Arcklin took these gorgeous photos that make me love this loft even more - if that's possible. More loft goodness in my next post. (And OMG her cats match the decor!)

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Karaköy Rooms 

Situated in a 100 year old building in Istanbul is the boutique hotel, Karaköy Rooms. The elegant renovation by Turkish design firm RunArchitecture is a modern take on a once grand past. White walls, often with dark grey ceilings, are balanced by wooden floors. Where original mouldings are missing they are simply replaced or referenced with paint. Perhaps the standout feature of each room is the exposed copper piping that carries the electrical supply. Simply modern and historically fabulous.

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If there was ever a time...

...when I wanted to dive through my monitor and experience the photos we feature, now would be the ultimate. Absolutely beautiful. Via Nicolas Schuybroek Architects.


Grey, black and white

This apartment is nothing fancy and isn't too "out there"'s sort of JUST RIGHT. The colour scheme is right (grey $ white with black accents is always so good), the wood flooring and accent walls are gorgeous and add some warmth, the kitchen is picture perfect, and the subway tiles/stone keep things a bit more graphic than boring drywall. Yep, I could settle in quite nicely here. Again via The Village

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House 'o concrete

This home, located in Tel Aviv, Israel and designed by Axelrod Architects is all about concrete. It's EVERYWHERE. A little too cold perhaps? I think so, but with some walls clad in wood and some wood flooring (I'd even welcome a bit of carpet) this is one sweet home. It may be cold and minimal but it's got ALOT of windows to keep things bright and warm. I love the long narrow window above the kitchen countertop, and the different levels of the home keep things interesting (love the floor #'s on the walls in case you weren't sure where you were). 

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