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Working on a Saturday

My position stays the same week after week. If you have to drag your sorry arse into work on a Saturday it better be somewhere stylish. After drooling over the retro offices of Moscow-based interior design studio A3 I'm planning on learning Russian.

"Здравствуйте, меня зовут Джо. Я хотел бы найти работу."

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Black and white and grey

Mr. Waller, Andrew Waller, Mr. Interior Design Master...whatever you want to call him, this pied-à-terre is a little slice of heaven in white, black and grey. Love all the muted tones here. It is so calming and dare I say, the perfect bachelor pad. (Photos: Maree Homer)

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double g dreaming

I just couldn't stay away from Parisian design duo double g. I had to dip in again. The grey, the red the hint of mint. Yum! Love this 250 m2 apartment at Louvre Rivoli.

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A bachelor's first home

Perhaps I am still making up for Sunday's all black apartment with this blinding white bungalow designed by Los Angeles based Alice Cheng of Shialice. Such a beautifully simple yet powerful statement in this home for a bachelor. His friends are envious no doubt! Light in the main spaces, and dark elsewhere, the combination of these two extremes provides drama. The mid-century elements add a little funk. 

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Ssshhh ...

It's quiet here. The kids and their dad are off doing those weekend autumn sports that guarantee muddy boot prints on old tiles on return. The light is soft and the peace is palpable. The tick tock of a mantle clock, the crack of well seasoned log in the fireplace. I've been tinkering with recipe books and pots and pans but my hearts not in it. Instead I think I'll nestle in with those magazines I haven't had a chance to read. Ssshhh ... I'm daydreaming. This is my country house. A Grade II listed 17th Century farmhouse with Victorian editions in Hertfordshire, England via jj Locations. Don't you know that everything old is new again?

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