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Francis Sultana

Welcome to the bold, glamourous and a bit wacky world of London-based furniture and interior designer Francis Sultana. Where anything goes. Anything at all. 


Working on a Saturday

In this world there are the "haves" and the "have nots" and on a Saturday it is all about the "haves", the "have to go to work" contingent. No need to be hopping mad about dragging yourself into the office on a weekend if it looked like this. No you'd be twitching with excitement to get in on time. New Zealand interior design firm Hare's own offices, a wonderful work warren.

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A new project by Amanda Hamilton

It has been quite some time since I featured Calgary interior design Amanda Hamilton's work. Here's a little update with the bonus of being total eye candy. This Scarboro residence is all class with a limited colour palette of white, grey and blue. Sophisticated and casually elegant with such attention to detail. GORG!

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Heaven on a terrace

I cannot think of a better place to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city than this verdant terrace. The rest of the townhouse is pretty amazing too. From the portfolio of Robert Passal.


Latest from Ashe + Leandro

I have been a huge fan of New York architecture & interior design firm Ashe + Leandro for years (see here and here for the last couple of features) so I thought it time for an update. Here are a couple of their latest projects. I love that they share my obsession of brass fixtures (that kitchen below is so cute!) and that they really just do their own thing, and aren't all about trends.  (Photos: Fran Parente)

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