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Sheer bliss

There was a photographer's site that led to a rep's site that led to a photographer's site that led to an interior designer's site and then it was a moment that focused in on all things zen and balanced, natural and beautiful. Michaela Scherrer mixes old with new, the simple with the complex and her work is stunning in it's simplicity. There is a Japanese aesthetic obvious in the clean contemporary lines of her spaces,the contrast of textures. So peaceful.


David Scott

David Scott, a New York interior designer whom Jo blogged about quite some time ago, emailed us to show off his new phenomenal apartment which he completely renovated in a fantastic modernist building in NYC. He says the complete gut renovation took only 13 weeks from demo to move-in (which is impressive to me, as my kitchen gut/reno took almost that long). David has done such a wonderful job creating a modern and sophisticated vibe. Every piece of furniture and accessory appears to have been so carefully selected as each one is eye-catching and perfectly suited. Thank you David for sharing your home with us!


Pyrmont residence recipe

Take one part brick, add white, mix with Missoni and repeat with mirrors. Fold the rough with the smooth and generously stir in lashings of Craig Spencer style and you have a hip inner Sydney pad. Craig is the master of many styles and slave to none. Check out the rest of his portfolio here.


Sophia Vayda

"Combining a strong design sense with an international background, Sophia Vayda creates clean, elegant, warm spaces. Her influences are far-ranging, from Parisian eclecticism to Scandinavian modernity. Weaving a blend of the contemporary and the classic into every project, she creates a timeless style with unexpected touches." I love Boston-based interior designer Sophia Vayda's use of calm colours to create wonderfully serene spaces. Perfect shades of blue and grey.


Jonamor Décor

Jonamor Décor was founded a couple years ago by Jonona Lambert, Principal Designer and Senor Amor, Project Manager. Before beginning the firm, these retro-crazed folks opened a vintage furniture shop called Retropia. I applaud their bold design schemes and their love of vintage. I think with their décor you either love it or hate it. I think the spaces are too quirky and fun not to love. :) (And no, the following photos were not scanned out of one of Jo's vintage design books.)