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Daniele Perna

Jo and I received an email from Lynn Zilka of Daniele Perna Designs: "Based in New York City, multidisciplinary interior designer Daniele Perna creates custom innovative, unique interiors. He balances function, inspiration and style with his distinct aesthetic that incorporates rich, dynamic colors, textures, dramatic lighting and interprets cultural influences with a contemporary perspective. Through honed skills and a refined sense of character, Perna sculpts his environments and creates lucid projections of his clients' personal and public identity."

"At its foundation, my design philosophy is to implement a change of consciousness. Design is a way of thinking and communicating, and at the core of an individual is intuitive. Designs that execute complex concepts elicit emotional responses, which will in turn open up mental perception to new modes of behavior. Ultimately, design is about change. Design is a piece of the evolutionary process just as science and technology are. At this level design represents individual, sociological freedom." Daniele Perna

Also, thought I should mention that the art in these photos are by 3 really talented artists - Duy Phuc Nguyen, Doze Green and Edgar Sanchez Cumbas.


Greg Natale

Greg Natale kindly sent us these photos of his latest amazing work, a concept room at the 2007 Sydney Home Show. His multi-purpose room was a dining/study space. Breath taking use of pattern isn't it? This was the first time Greg developed his own print and repeated it on wallpaper, rug and cushions. The print was inspired by a trip to Miami. Completely glam, totally hot and retro forward. Love it! Check here for our earlier post on Greg.

P.S. Don't forget to click on the images to see them in all their glory! And stay tuned. Greg has sent photos of a stunning home he has just finished. We'll be posting soon.


Black bedroom

OOPS. Monday Brocky Proxmire had sent me an email about his mom Kelley's black bedroom she recently designed that he had promised to send us a while back once it was completed. But because I changed my email address I just found the email this morning. So I apologize for the delay and I know other bloggers have posted about this beautiful room already but I love the black so much that I had to post it as well. She was one of the first designers we had featured on the blog and we are huge fans of her work.



Voon Wong and Benson Saw are based out of London and specialize in interior and architecture design and produce furniture, lighting and accessories. They were featured in the April issue of Elle Decoration. Their website has stunning photos of their work...these are my favourites.



IDing is an interior design firm from Amsterdam that also dabbles in graphic design and concept development. They've designed restaurants, hotels, offices, furniture, clothing, bags for Diesel and more. There's so much I love in these photos...the chairs....the wood...floor to ceiling windows...the view...