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Arent & Pyke encore

Gorgeous rooms by Australian über design duo Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke of Arent & Pyke. Their aim? To create an easy elegance with a contemporary edge. Style with livability means that their designs are functional and beautiful. A seamless blend of colour, texture, warmth and sophistication. Inspiring. Passionate. Exquisite.

P.S. Don't miss their fab blog  blog In/Out.

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Christina Sullivan Roughan

Christina Sullivan Roughan (of Roughan Interior Design based in Greenwich Connecticut) creates warm, sophisticated interiors that are timeless and sophisticated while remaining friendly and approachable. Their modern/traditional signature style mixed with their ability to combine select antiquities with modern art result in balanced and beautiful environments. I'm a fan - especially of her kitchens. This is easy living, and I could easily live with that. :) 

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Sydney Harbour apartment

A sophisticated apartment in Sydney. An apartment with a view to die for. But what do you do when the view is so iconic, so overwhelming and just so "there"? Don't fight it, don't compete with it, don't ignore it. Celebrate it. A retrained palette, luxurious but understated finishes. White walls that bounce the bright Australian light deep into the apartment and extend the sense of space. Dark floors ground, provide a solid base for this aerie perched as it is above the Sydney harbour between bridge and opera house. Causual elegane, the finer things but no posturing, no pretence. Definitely a trophy apartment but also very much a home. Interior design by Sarah Davidson.

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Light and dark

Belgian architect Dieter Vander Velpen emailed us with an intriguing project he recently completed. At first I wondered about blogging it as it's a commercial space and we kprefer featuring residential designs but this one could be REALLY fun translated into a residential space. This project is Garde-robe Nationale, a womanswear boutique in Antwerp where Dieter acted as artchitect and interior designer. The lighting in the ceiling was bulky, the clothing racks stuck out into the space and were on risers, and it was pretty dull overall.  

Dieter worked some serious magic on this shop. The floors were levelled out and original hardwood restored, the majority of the clothing displays were lined up on the outer walls for better sight lines through the shop and then my favourite element - the introduction of a light and dark zone. The front of the store is now all in white, and as you move along towards the rear where the fitting rooms are, the vibe is much more loungey with dark oak veneer walls and ceiling and floors stained the same dark shade. I think this would be such a phenomenal space if you think of it as the main floor of a home. Imagine the light zone as the kitchen and connecting dining space, and as you move into the dark zone you are in the sitting room with a huge sectional and and big TV built-into the wall with a long, low media cabinet....yes, I can see the potential.... (photos by Thomas De Bruyne)

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Mill Valley classic

A cottage remodel in Mill Valley, California. Casually elegant with open plan living, a kitchen to die for and an entrance that welcomes and impresses. Colour brings the spaces to life. A wonderful transformation of a humble house into a welcoming family home. Residential Design by Heydt Designs, Interior Design by Benjamin Dhong and Matthew MacCaul Turner. Photography by David Duncan Livingston.

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