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Robert Stilin

The portfolio of Robert Stilin has got to be one of my favourites since starting this blog. Maybe it's because his designs include some of the most amazing modern artwork I've ever seen. Or maybe it's the raw beauty of the rustic furniture he uses in each room. Or maybe it's simply because he can totally rock modern and rustic together in the same space. Whatever the case, I love it. ALOT.


Spin me round

Fancy living in the round. Check out this apartment fitout by Stanic Harding located in a circular 18 storey high tower in Darling Point. Extensive views of the harbour and the Opera House compete with this clever refiguring of the whole floor space and highest quality finishes. The kitchen blows me away!

Images from Stanic Harding


Mark Christofi

Mark Christofi has been designing interiors for over 25 years and began his own firm (Mark Christofi Interiors) in 1995. He has "a fresh style that juxtaposes traditional and classical elements with unexpected contemporary accents". Bold, a little off-the-wall whimsical and eclectic is what I make of the following photos from his portfolio...including one of the wackiest wall graphic paint techniques I've ever seen.


A beautiful space

I was just perusing all my favourite blogs when I came across a beautiful photo on Mark Cutler's blog of a vanity space he designed. It's so damn pretty I had to post it. I've always wanted a little corner with a gorgeous vanity table and venetian mirror and adorable chair to sit and have a tea and put my makeup on. You outdid yourself again Mark!


Miles Redd

I happened across Miles Redd's website recently and realized, much to my astonishment, that we have never done a post on this brilliant designer. Forget brilliant, he's a design GENIUS. The KING of vignettes. I don't even know what to say....just have a look below at some of my favourite photos from his portfolio because they speak for themselves. And they speak loudly.