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A townhome by Juliette Byrne

Juliette Byrne is an architect and interior designer from London and this Fulham townhome she designed is alot of fun, with accents of pink and teal for a homeowner who likes it bold. It is sophisticated and youthful with modern furnishings and blingy bits to add to the wow factor (as if the colour wasn't enough - go big or go home!)

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Inside Outside House

"(THID) have always wondered why people need to have a holiday house... why can't everyday at home be a holiday? For a couple's home in Richmond, we were inspired by the simple pleasures in life."

So that's what Melbourne-based THID did, created a fun family home where inside and out meld.

P.S. The outdoor table base is a hydraulic lift. Coffee table to dining table, easy!

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Ampurdán House

No matter how my taste in interior decor changes over the years, one style has never wavered - a very rustic, centuries-old home filled with vintage and modern furnishings. The Ampurdán House whose interior is designed by Serge Castella is absolutely stunning. Pairing Panton chairs (one of my all-time favourites) with a big old reclaimed wood table surrounded by ancient architecture and an oversized piece of modern art for some extra zing is just about the best thing ever. A diamond in the rough. (Previous feature of his work here)

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Working on a Saturday

There is something clean, contemporary and killer about the Blue Communications office by Montréal-based Atelier Moderno in collaboration with Anne Sophie Goneau and I'm not just talking about the life size sharks floating around the walls. I still can't believe I have found two workspaces in a matter of weeks that feature sharks as a design statement. A company mascot or perhaps a work ethic? Anyway as I always say if you have to drag your sorry self into work on the weekend it helps if it's somewhere stylish.

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In the tree tops

High amongst the tree tops is this calm oasis. Earthy, natural tones and textures create a peaceful setting for this contemporary home with interiors by Sydney-based Designers In The City. It would be easy to think that the rooms need scream to stand their ground against the stellar views but the designers instead have created a simple luxury the soothes and cocoons.

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