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Fiddlehead Design Group

Fiddlehead Design Group is the Minneapolis interior design firm of Andrea Dixon and Jen Ziemer. I was perusing their website and found a list of their mantras, including the following: Never buy the set—matchy-matchy is nasty-nasty...Leopard, cheetah and zebra are neutrals...Less is more, bigger is better....Start with an amazing painting or a stunning rug—preferably both. Smart ladies! While their style lends itself towards traditional, they add touches like subway tiles, chalkboard walls and bold patterns to give a more modern twist. And I really like this first kitchen - cows and all. 

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Suzy Hunt

A confection of classic 19th century era decor, Asian influences, cutting edge contemporary, colour and pattern and a clutter of mementoes. It could be the recipe for a frou frou disaster. Instead it is the inspiring and beautiful home of interior designer Suzy Vissers-Hunt (Suzy Hunt) and her husband, co-founder of Moooi, Casper Vissers in the Dutch city of Breda

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Jennifer Worts, again

I came across Toronto interior designer Jennifer Worts' portfolio the other day and thought I would feature her work again (see previous posts here and here) because I continue to be a big fan of hers. Fresh and contemporary, elegant yet casual. Always knockout spaces.  

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Shades of grey

Minimal contemporary luxury within an old shell. Modern within traditional. Subtle, sober, stylishly simple. Mansion in The Hague by Dutch interior architect Remy Meijers.

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Carl Mattison

I am on day 4 of moving to my new house and I am so freaking exhausted. Next time I will hire some damn movers. It hurts to type for crissakes. It is Sunday night as I get these posts ready the only furniture in my new house so far is my desk and chair so I can blog. Am I dedicated to this blog or what? :) Anyway, enough bitching from me. I came across the portfolio of Atlanta interior designer/art director/graphic designer Carl Mattison and this home struck a cord with me as it has some very similar features to my new home (stained glass, lots of squared edge moldings, tall ceilings...). I would kill for those floors though, and for my woodwork to be white instead of mahogany stain. 

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