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Kelley Proxmire

There's something crisp and tailored about Kelley Proxmire's work.
Bright colours punctuate a white background. A little classic, a lot classy. My vibe is mid century but the freshness of the blue and green and the juiciness of that raspberry, yum. And the tang of lemon? I can almost taste it.


Nate Berkus

In honour of Apartment Therapy's Maxwell and family's appearance on Oprah today (which I just finished watching - it was awesome!), I thought it was a good time to publish this post.

We all know Nate Berkus - Oprah's designer buddy. He is a cutie-patootie and turns out he has some pretty amazing photos of his work on his website. Here are some of my favourites.


Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz's white NYC apartment

This apartment is so spectacular - all in white. How stunning is a place all in white? And perhaps, how impractical? Regardless, these photos demonstrate what you can do with white..and a bit more white.....and even a little bit more white.


Pappas Miron

Pappas Miron Design mixes antiques, vintage textiles, flea market finds and modern pieces to produce a relaxed and liveable modern interior. Tatyana and Alexandra aren't married to one style and feel free to improvise, finding the potential in second hand pieces. See more on their website.

All images from Pappas Miron.


Marion Hall Best

Regarded by many as the founder of Australian interior design, Marion Hall Best was the local arbiter of the latest style in the 60s. Her interiors showcased the best of what the world had to offer as well as providing a platform for promoting Australian design. In a post war world of "porridge" colours Marion is probably best known for her vivid glazed walls, colourful undercoats with contrasting translucent glazes; yellow over red,pink, black, blue or green producing intriguing tangerines, olives, aquamarines and chartreuses. Her Woollahra, Sydney shop became known internationally as an authoritative index of the latest modern trends in interior design. But perhaps her best work was in supporting promising young local talent including Gordon Andrews and Grant Featherston.

All images from "The Best Style. Marion Hall Best and Australian Interior Design 1935-1975" by Michaela Richards. These are original photos from the time and the quality is not the best but the design is first class.