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F house - modern minimalism 

Sometimes I come across homes while doing research for the blog that are just TOO MUCH. Too ornate, too large, trying too hard etc. Located in Savyon, Israel, the F House by Pitsou Kedem Architect seems to be over the top in terms of size (ceilings that seem to be up in the heavens - and it's 700 ) and minimalism. Perhaps this is exactly what the client asked for. What I love about this is that the sculptural qualities of the outdoors makes up for everything the inside isn't. And in the evening this home is magical with lighting to emphasize the beauty of the plants, trees and wood walls. 

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Reader's home - Scott's new pad in Tel Aviv

In May of 2012 I featured the Tel Aviv apartment of Scott of Talmon Design. He recently got in touch with us and shared some photos of his new apartment. With a bit of a different vibe and colour palette this time around, it is a cool mix of modern and vintage and some pieces that have since been reupholstered. Thanks for sharing Scott!

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Working on a Sunday

Tired of beige walls, industrial carpet, cubicle wall ugliness, fluorescent lighting and all the other fun things that go along with typical office life? I certainly am. Working in an environment such as this one would certainly make it easier to get up and go to work in the mornings. The lucky folks of Tel Aviv companies Jelly Button Games and Hamutzim Studio have this totally awesome workspace to look forward to each work day morning. Designed by Roy David Studio, this 700 sq m industrial loft space could not be more inspiring and fun. Guaranteed to make for some happy employees. (You can read all the details here). 

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Another project by Ando Studio

This just blows me away that it is not real. Another concept apartment designed by Ando Studio


An apartment in Paris...

Israel-based Ando Studio designed this apartment in Saint Germain, Paris last year. The team of architects, interior designers and CG artists specialize in 3D renderings. So this apartment is....or isn't.... Although either way it is freaking fantastic! 

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