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More breathtakingly beautiful

You may remember a post from January this year that featured photos of an albergo diffuso. A stunningly beautiful series of hotel rooms in caves scattered down a slope in Italy. Today I fell in love all over again when I revisited the now fully up and running website for Sextantio Albergo Diffuso at Le Grotte della Civita. Can such a special place become even more special, more beautiful, more stunning the more I see of it? I am smitten. This is definitely a must see (and stay) spot on my wish list. The hardest thing would be choosing which grotta to stay in. Then again there is another albergo diffuso in Abruzzo ... but that will have to wait till the next post.

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Helenio Barbetta

Helenio Barbetta is a brilliant Italian photographer based in Milan. His capture of interiors is perfection, highlighting everything demanding attention, and is beautifully explained in his bio: Helenio's pictures rebuild a mnemonic, sometimes absent landscape, made of real life atmospheres, where the story of his own life is described in spaces that work almost like loudspeaker of his emotions. In his subjects we find a melancholic vision with a taste of a remote past, unmoving but possible, rebuilt, stimulated and reanimated. His images are visionary maps speaking of feelings and making an abstract trial run of the memory.



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Breathtakingly beautiful

No words. Honestly I am struck dumb with awe. Do such places exist? After the wonderful images in the last post of YLAB's latest apartment taken by Jordi Canosa with styling by Daniela Cavestany I went to Sr Canosa's website to drink in more inspiration. Then I found this. Albergo della Civita.  Matera, Italy. UNESCO world heritage listed. The hotel is spread over a number of Sassi or caves, simply furnished. Lovingly restored. You can read more here. Breathtakingly beautiful ... photos and hotel.

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A little diversity is always welcome here at DTI. When I came across the portfolio of Italian architecture firm UdA (Ufficio di Architettura) their spaces, sprinkled with quirky elements, intrigued me. I am especially intrigued by their streamlined storage solutions.  

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Casa Talìa

Run away, get away, fly away. Slow down, pull up, take time. Drink wine, tell stories, find friends, explore. Want to come away with me to Casa Talìa in Modica, Sicily? Yes I thought so. Life is too fast. It's time to slow down, rewind, relax. Another stunning property through Welcome Beyond.

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