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Casa Federica

Help! I am working 16 hours a day at the moment. Too many jobs. Too many exciting projects coming to fruition. I need a holiday. Even just a weekend break. But alas! Looks like it will have to be a "virtual" holiday instead. You'll find me here in my dreams this weekend. Casa Federica in the rolling hills of Noto in Sicily. A minimalist box perched above the sparse landscape with views to the sea. Still and stylish. A perfect retreat.

Architect - Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, via Urlaubs Architektur.

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It's like a breath of fresh air to come across a design firm that created spaces suitable for everyday folks without an endless cash flow - and that would be Nomade architettura e interior design based in Milan, Italy. (Cool pallet coat hanger!)

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The photographer's studio

Spare and white and achingly beautiful in its simplicity. Lo Spazio, the photographic studio, art space and home of Milanese photographer Davide Lovatti. Also home to Art.Rent, his gallery of photographs, sculptures and installations available for hire. A stylish home, a fabulously talented photographer, inspiring work.

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Reader's home - Gaia's house in Italy

Gaia sent in some photos of her home in Bologna, Italy that I had to share. She's got alot of creative touches going on and is really proud of the all decorating she's done herself (as she should be - it's a beautiful home!) but she mentioned her husband thinks it sucks. Oh really now? I don't think he has any idea what he's talking about, and should SHUT UP. :)

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Civico Quattro

I couldn't leave it any longer to share more work from Civico Quattro's Orietta Marcon. A private home by this designer/stylist that carefully balances rustic charm and subtle elegance. Nothing is "precious". Where simple and everyday meets stylish and beautiful. To climb the stairs to that grey and white haven under the eaves would be such a wonderful way to end each day.

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