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Malatesta Maison

A dream, a beautiful, beautiful dream come to life. A rustic home in the Marche countryside, Pergola in Italy. Stylish and elegant yet simple and casual. Designed by Michele Gambato of MGARK, Malatesta Maison is home to Claudia, Carlo, Isabelle and their three dogs. Interior decoration is by Orietta Marcon of Civico Quattro.

No need to dream about this special maison though. It is also a B&B. Yes you can stay and pretend, just for a little while, that it is all yours. In the meantime head to Claudia's blog Malatesta to see more of her inspirations and creations and the beauty that is her family's everyday life.

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A shot in the dark

I came across this absolutely stunning home the other day on Le case di Elixir and fell in love. The architecture is phenomenal. Those arches, the soaring ceilings (I'm assuming this is a converted church), and there's something about bumpy plaster walls that makes me swoon. And the darkness of this home makes it so much more dramatic. I would without question love to live here...with most of the furnishings as well. 

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Old and new 

As I've stated on this blog at least a dozen times, I love a space that is a combination of old and new. Modern blending with traditional. Opposing genres is unexpected and this tension really does it for me. The apartment below is a dream. Old world architecture that is to die for, mixed with rustic, classic and modern furnishings. The resulting juxtaposition is stunning. And OMG take a close look at the detail in the bedroom ceiling. (Via Le case di Elixìr)

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Amorfo - amorphous, formless, the raw material. Amorfo - the Italian interdisciplinary design firm that explores architecture, interior design, installations, graphics and events. So many of us have seen that home in Elle Decoration and Real Living magazines but I'm drawn to so many facets of their work including their shop fitouts. Rooms where the art of the space and layers of meaning within the design mean just as much as the functional concerns. A minimal stage where product and person are the performance.

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Domus Civita

"I thought that I would let you know that we have just added a simply stunning new property in Italy to our collection - it opened in August 2012 ...

Here a short description: The 14th century home is located in Civita di Bagnoregio, a medieval town only accessible by a pedestrian bridge. The house itself sits on top of Etruscan caves and tombs and a beautiful Roman water cistern, all of which are accessible from inside the house and open onto a beautiful hanging garden 4 stories down and through the cliff. There is a heated pool inside one of the largest caves and a unique wine cellar for guests inside the roman water cistern. The whole setting is simply amazing - please view the images attached below."

Chris Laugsch
Welcome Beyond

Stop it Chris. Stop messing with my head and my wandering heart. Another stunning getaway to add to my list. My "longing"list ... longing to escape, longing to runaway and live forever in a 14th century home in an Italian village only accessible by foot bridge. Longing to step back in time and longing to enjoy the luxury. Domus Civita via Welcome Beyond

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