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House in House

An artist's workshop within a two storey home. A little house tucked within a void, opened and closed to the outside courtyard by the existing sliding window. Space for creating, for storing, for display, for chilling out, for sitting, for growing. By Japanese architects MAMM Design.

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Gorta Yuuki

I absolutely adore these photos by Japanese photographer Gorta Yuuki. There is such a serene quality to them with such glorious lighting and low contrast and saturation (why does everyone over-saturate these days?!). So calming and beautiful. Having a crappy Monday? This is your cure. 

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On the straight and narrow

Clearly land in Japan is at a premium. Someone saw this tiny piece of land above and decided it was fit for a house! That's crazy talk. Makes my 12' wide house feel enormous. Too bad there's no furniture in place - I'd love to see how the owners work it. Designed by architects Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

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now this is narrow

I am always intrigued by narrow homes as I live in one and wish it wasn't, so it's always interesting to see how people design around narrow spaces and how homeowners cope. FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects managed to build a minimal masterpiece on a piece of land that is 4m by 35 m, making it a total of 2.7 m wide and 27 m long. I love all the grey - on the exterior and in the gorgeous hardwood and concrete flooring. Soft walls made of curtains are brilliant to keep the space from being too cold, and are great space savers. I'd certainly be taking cues from this home if I had to build a narrow home when rebuilding (thankfully my lot is "normal" size). (Thx Aimee!)

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I suppose ...

... I should have known. Saw this amazing exhibitionist bathroom by Suppose Design Office in the latest Vogue Living. Raced to their website and devoured their unique Japanese take on minimalism. Great post idea until Kim informed me she had featured their work last year. I suppose I should have known. Still I had to share this bathroom. OMG! Love. Very scared about using it but love the concept.

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