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Jo's place and a high wind that brings no good

After but before the disaster

After spending the morning gluing, filling chips and sanding my thrift store credenza I was ready to paint. I bought this veneered teak credenza (below) a couple of months ago for $39 and was finally ready to work on it. Unfortunately the top and some edges were too badly damaged to just rub in a coat or two of Danish oil to bring it back to life. My next plan was to paint it gloss back and restore the beautiful teak doors. Doors done and one coat painted. Another 12 hours before the next coat. That was until this afternoon's very heavy downpour. "Fine," I thought as I walked away as a storm brewed. "It's under cover." I took this photo to show Kim and was really pleased with myself. 30 minutes later a high wind blew rain all over my hard work. I guess there's always tomorrow to sand and redo the first coat. Then only 2 more after that.....argh! So no photos this week of it in my dining room. There's always next week.

Before it all began


The bag lady and the bookfest

Twice a year Brisbane holds what is touted as the biggest secondhand book sale on earth, the Lifeline Bookfest with over 1 million books covering over a football field of space. Twice a year I drag my little shopping trolley along and join the feeding frenzy. I call myself the bag lady. Today was the last day, everything half price and even fill a bag for $5. (The bargain hunter in me was out!) 10 bags later and dozens of retro design books, boys and girls annuals, craft books and vintage Penguins I was filthy but happy. Four hours of bibliophile bliss. I need a nap. Here are just some of the beauties I found.

You know what this means though. More retro posts! My favourite of the lot is a book of dissertations from 1896. Someone has covered it in this wonderful pink brown and white chevron fabric many years back. Now it's all beautifully worn and stained.


I am a thrift shop addict

My name is Jo and I am a thrift store addict. I'm sure I've said that before but I now need to form Thrifters' Anonymous. It's an addiction. Help! So what did I buy this week?

It started off simply, a sweet pink Murano glass vase for $2 from the thrift shop around the corner from work. My "dealer" here is Colin.

Then it was off to Phillip's thrift store. He has the "good stuff". I now have embraced the Victoria Rule (first described by flea market addict Victoria of sfgirlbybay). One piece in one piece out. That's how I could justify buying this desk, chair and mirror. A coat of fuchsia or orange paint and they'll be my snail mail desk in the office. I'll be selling this one if I stick to the rules.

I didn't buy these. Well I didn't need a single headboard and yet another bedside table. The Manhattan skyline was tempting but I haven't even hung my other artwork after painting my apartment. The kitchen print was cute but dirty and way too big for the only small wall space in my kitchen. I'll draw a smaller and brighter interpretation for beside the window.

I blame this guy for my dilemma. He's my enabler. He never tells me no but I love him.


Jo's place

What a week! Never again will I take on the job of painting my 2 bedroom apartment. I wanted to call this post "Paint, prints and problems". 1) I had forgotten how physically hard painting is. 2) It took three coats to cover the walls to my exacting (fussy) standard. 3) It is so humid here after a week of heavy rains that the removable adhesive hooks I bought won't stay on the wall. The wall plugs and hooks to hang the heavy artwork and frames won't grip the drywall properly (thanks Mr Hardware man for the recommendation) and I'm left with a lot of artwork still to hang. 4) I still have to put all the furniture back and clean up! At least I managed to paint up some new prints for my etsy store! Thank god I'm back to work tomorrow.

So what colour did I paint those walls? White. That's a close up in the centre (although looking at it you'd think it was grey bad photographer that I am). Renting in Australia is fraught with design dilemmas. Landlords must give you permission to paint and then it's a 99.99999999% chance that they will say only white. I wonder if they'll change the ugly carpet for me? Better get back to figuring out where all the paintings are going to go. Those colourful ones above are in the entrance hallway. One up several dozen to go. Wish me luck.


Jo's place

I've been so busy at work and most thrift shops have been closed. What's a girl to do? Take a holiday of course! I'm not posting or going to work next week so I can ..... wait for it ..... paint my apartment. Sorry I don't know how to relax. Only a few finds this week. Two little frames that I'll add to a grouping I'm doing for the lounge room. The gold one will be painted white and the vintage mirror frame will be home for one of my peacock prints. Can't show you all of my new etsy letterpress. Bad cuss words. Got it at rar rar press, full of fab and funny letterpress goodies. Kim will be posting all week and I've seen the cool stuff she has found. I'll drop in occasionally to say hi if I have the time. Have a great New Year everyone!