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My weird little space down the bottom of my stairs

I'm not finished ... but this is the strange little space which is part entry hall/part useless area in my new old house. We only ever pass across it or turn to climb the stairs. With no money to spend I pasted up some old book pages and moved in some vintage furniture from other rooms. It definitely needs more finessing but you can hear me whine about it discuss it over on Jo's Page. Maybe when I go back to work and earn some money in the next few weeks I can make it a bit more presentable. At least that's an incentive to go back to work ;)


Where I blog ... my office

Thought I'd show you a little of my office today. The morning light was so lovely the other day that I had to reach for my camera and even now in the late afternoon it's just lovely. You can see more over on my page.


Bedroom progress report


I had visitors coming. I had a bedroom in disarray. I freaked out. I cursed, snapped at my husband, almost tripped over the dog and set to work. See more on my page.



Can't believe we have been in our new old house for almost a year and it seems like we have barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done. Not that I'm worried. I have come to know this 150 year old house intimately during that time. We are comfortable with each other. If it takes time then it takes time. I took a couple of shots in my living room this morning. The light cutting into the dark chocolate room was beautiful. There are a couple more over on my page with some explanations of (and excuses for) what you can see.


Gorging on chocolates

More sneak peeks of my new old house. The painting is almost done and I have indulged my chocolate addiction. Nowhere near finished but you can get a glimpse of where I'm heading on my page. I'll be back later with today's "real" post.