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Black as night (with dirty floors)

More photos of my bedroom paint job over on my page! Floor is now washed ... thank goodness. Might start putting it together tomorrow if the fumes have cleared.


Guess what colour I'm painting my bedroom?

After waiting so long the painting has begun at my new old house. I have dreamed of a black bedroom ever since we moved in. The cutting in has begun. Another day or two and it will be done. More photos over on my page.


The beast within

A brutish beast forced its way into my house this week. I had no choice. I couldn't say no. More on my page.


New old kitchen progress

... not much. OK I'm a little further on. I thought I'd show where we are at the moment. My cheap and cheerful counter top solution is hopefully coming together this week. Plywood will be glued to the existing tops and stained then sealed. Japan black? I'm leaning that way. You can see more of my temporary and dirt cheap kitchen re-do over on my page.


I need your suggestions

Work is about to begin on my new old house and I have a little problem I need your help with. My hall. Click over to my page and give me some suggestions.