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Fruitful Saturday

Yesterday, I spent the day antiquing with my parents. They picked me up at 8 am and dropped me off at 5:30 pm. It was a LONG day, but a very successful one. I am still pretty surprised at the amount of great stuff I found, because believe me, this city is not known for it's great antique stores nor it's flea markets. You either find alot of total CRAP or very country-style things. Retro is generally not easy to come by. But we had a blast and because I have no posts done yet for the week and no clue what to post today, I figured I'd show my scores from yesterday. By the way, all of this cost me $204.

I have placed most of the items above where they will go for now (I'm ALWAYS moving things around) and I took some photos of them in their new homes. Check Flickr if you'd like to know what each of these cost and other details I may have added.


New posters for my library

Just bought some posters off eBay for my new retro library. They're cuban movie posters and just about the only retro looking posters I could find anywhere that weren't rock band related.

And, while I type this, there are 4 guys in my backyard building my deck and fence. FINALLY!!! I'll post some pics eventually, once I get the landscaping done.


My new room needs some stuff and things

My new "library" has been painted, and furniture placed after about 6 tries and some lovely post trauma bruising and a hunk of skin now missing off my big toe after I dropped the bookcase on it. So here it is:

Here's the thing. I have spent the last 3 nights (actually and all day Monday because I have Mondays off for the summer, lucky me) looking for funky retro posters for my new room. Can't really find anything that makes me want to whip out my credit card. The following are some I have found that I kind of like, although I'd prefer a couple large pieces rather than a bunch of smaller ones. Unless I buy some picture shelves and just lean 'em...

If I'm not mistaken Pink already bought the second one. :) So if anyone has any ideas - please leave comments. Share your favourite art resources.


New room to decorate!!!

So I have kicked Jeff into the basement (ha - it was his idea) so now I get to take over his office. It's a pretty small bedroom, maybe 10x10. I have some white Ikea bookshelves in there that I happily removed from my dining room, a round white table with white wicker chairs, and a teak-ish dresser that back in the day was one of my mom's first furniture purchases. I am telling you all this because I am on my way to Home Depot shortly to get some paint for my new room. I was initially thinking a pale pink because I have a pink obsession, but I don't think pink would go so well with teak. Then it hit me. Wary Meyers turquoise.

Jo enthusiastically agreed with me this morning, so I printed off the first photo above and I'm going to attempt to match this at the depot. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I'm back with a gallon of Behr's Sweet Rhapsody, which I think is brighter than the one in the photo - but it was my fav. I found out turquoise is as hard a colour to choose as blue is. Also found an awesome Debbie Travis rug that was about 60% off. Love a great deal. Will post pics here or on Flickr tomorrow.


My newly redone goth/glam bathroom

I am pretty excited to finally have this project finished. My bathroom is the last of the 2.5 bathrooms in this house to be redone. It still needs new flooring but so do the other bathrooms so that's a project for another time. We're not planning on keeping this house for very long so we can't do too much to the house without thinking of resale but I had to go a little nuts somewhere - and it might as well be my bathroom. This cost about $650 - that's for the sink, faucet, knobs, light fixture, paint, accessories, art, molding around art, mirror, shower curtain...etc. I'm curious to hear your comments.